And….we’re back. (again) Introduction Stumped The Argentine Invasion Dear Apple, Summary Introduction I’ve been doing a lot of reading the past few weeks and it’s realized that I miss writing […]

I am writing this blog post on my phone which if you ask me is pretty freaking amazing. I now use my phone for: Remote control for both audio and […]

Markdown is Awesome In fact, I am so so surprised I have not done this sooner. Much, Much Sooner. If I want to enter a link it’s so… easy to […]

Method To the Madness

Quick. Think of 10 things you would want to do on a Saturday night. Making a plastic bag out of little plastic bags not on your list? Not to worry […]

A Special Day

The Dog got a bath and a bandana so you know something’s up.. Oh ya – and it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary! I started the day getting the car serviced […]


Not much new here the last few weeks and we’re just waiting for spring,  but one change I’ve made recently  is to switch website hosting. I have had no complaints […]

The Good News: BW is back from a week long conference. The Bad News: Look at the weather she brought back with her! The above is a view out the […]

BW has been away all week at a conference so the dog and I have taken to walking at night. This is actually a dangerous sport because whomever developed the […]

And the award for sexiest man of 2013 goes to.. (well, nevermind –  BW thinks so and that’s all that matters). Also, has anybody seen my sandals to go with […]