MailBoxes, Etc.

As the sun sets on my fourth July 4 weekend and BW heads to bed early after too much partying I thought I would take the time (and the quiet)
to document some of the highlgihts of this weekend’s events:

Item Number One: The Mailbox


Earlier this month BW came in the house with a letter from the USPS that our mailbox was no longer servicable and that if we wanted to continue to get mail we would have to get a new one.

Funny, I don’t see why they would say that:

old mailbox

I don’t see anything wrong with our old one that came from Sears Roebuck back in the 70’s. Except for the fact that it doesn’t have a flag and has survived being backed into by many.

So. As is with all the tasks BW made it my job to get the mailbox fixed.

As I have mentioned before I’m not handy. Not ‘fix the mailbox’ handy to be sure.

So I Googled “buffalo mailbox install” and sure enough there’s a guy who will come to your house and bring and install the mailbox for you. How cool is that? In fact, there’s more than one guy who does this but this guy was cheaper and the first guy didn’t show when he said he would.

We splurged and got the fancy two storey mailbox with doors on each end so you don’t have to make the extra four steps and step out on the street to get the mail.

Actually, the brand of the mailbox is ‘step 2′ which is probably becaus that’s how many steps you save when you check your mail.

New Mailbox. Yay.

Lastly, speaking of mail if you get mail and there’s not enough postage it is at the discretion of your mailman they will deliver the mail anyway and hope you pay them back as they pay for your mail out of their own pocket!

I found this out when I went to the post office and I was asked who my mailman was (small town, it’s possible I guess). I replied that I did and that’s when I learned about the money. I would have paid right then and there but BW doesn’t let me leave the house with any cash so it wasn’t until a few days later I managed to catch up with our mail lady at the end of the driveway.

Item Number 2: The Company

BW’s Mother and Sister came to visit for the weekend and it was a very good time because the company, but also the food!

There was pie:





and Ice cream and cookies and OMG THE FOOD

I have to tell you I was a little worried about the pie. We were on the tail end of the season and the ladies went picking berries early Friday morning and came home with a pretty big haul. Enough for two pies.

(It’s a good thing they didn’t stay longer. The pie a day diet is not good for the waistline).

Item Number 3: The Work

Ever hear the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”?.

Well, in my case it was “there’s no such thing as free pie“” and I had to earn my keep around here and wash MIL’s car from head to toe:

car washed

Things I learned while doing this:

  • She has a lot of pens.
  • grandchildren eat lots of popcorn in the back seat
  • Black velour interior and grey dog hair don’t mix.

But all this hard weekend labor was worth it though because pie! and they were round too – my favorite kind!

And that’s our weekend. Not too shabby.

BW and I just polished off the last of the empanadas for dinner and I just checked in with my MIL and they are home safely in their nice clean car so it was fantastic long weekend for all.

Hope all six of my readers had a great holiday weekend too. (hi dad!)

Rainbow Bright

It started out like a normal day, until my phone beeped at me:

haircut: Time to leave - 12:52

“ooh, I forgot about that” I thought to myself – even though though the hairstylist called yesterday to remind me.

You see, BW and I go to the same hairstylist at the same time on the same day. Yes, we’re that couple.

It’s just easier that way. Besides, BW has a tight grip on the family finances and so she pays. :)

So, off we went to our favorite hair salon.

My haircut is pretty straightforward. I always tell my stylist to just dial me back to 3 weeks ago and she whips out the number 3 clippers and she’s done with me in about ten minutes.

And Then Things Got Weird

You see, I am not really all that up to date on the intricacies of what goes on with you ladies when it comes to get your hair done so imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw this.

“Umm… BW – you know you have styrofoam taped to your head?”, I asked.

She said “Put that photo on Facebook and I will kill you”. [1]

And then I asked her what exactly was all that stuff on her head?

She growled at me some more so I dropped the questioning for the time being.

Pick a Color, Any Color

Then she asked me about colors: What color did I like better – green or blue? pink or red? Do you like mauve?

I answered her: Blue. Also, my favorite Beatle was George. And pizza is my favorite food. (all good things she should know about me)

Seeing how this was going to take a while, I dashed over to Tim Horton’s for a coffee.

Whatever was going on back at the Salon looked expensive and it would take some time and so on the suggestion of the stylist that all this girly stuff was going to be a while, off I went.

When I returned BW was still in the back so I plopped down on the chair and took the opportunity to catch up on some back issues of Cosmo.

Finally, she was done and she’s so beautiful!!!

or… maybe colorful would be a better word:

haircut 100

I will end this little story with the lesson I learned today when wanting to keep happily married:

Regardless of how the end result of your wife’s haircut looks like:

Do say: “You look beautiful!”

Do NOT say: “You look like My Little Pony!”

  1. you never said anything about my blog so I figure this is fair  ↩

Swedish for Crap

ikea dresser

New furniture is a pretty big deal in this house because a: it does not happen often and b: I hate putting the stuff together.

Take for example our fancy new dresser in the photo above. Want to know how long it took me to put this together? About five hours.

Five Hours!. To put furniture together.

I was happily using our previous dresser but BW’s been on bit of tear lately when it comes to home improvements.

First, she decided I needed to re-paint her office.

Second, she decided that our carpet was old and had to be replaced with laminate floor throughout

Third was solar panels on the roof must be installed.

And now this dresser. I had tried to convince BW that our old dresser was fine thank you very much and for a while I thought I had talked her out of this last project and saved me some work and I actually managed to postpone this task more than once, but it all came to a head this week and here I am with Allen key in hand.

The good news is I finished with no extra parts.

The bad news? See that blank space in the photo? That’s where the 2nd dresser I have to assemble goes.

The Sultan of Swing

I swear as soon as re-instate this blog life gets interesting again.

Today’s adventure:

Earlier this week BW mumbled something about wanting a hammock for the back yard.

I know there’s only one tree in the yard so hanging a hammock back there will be impossible so I did what any other husband would do when his wife starts talking about impossible projects:

I tuned her out.

It turns out that this little project was not gone from her mind and BW had gone to get screws and hooks to hang this from the deck instead of a tree. I warned her against this idea but she would not listen to reason.

As the photo below shows, this presented some problems:

grounded hammock

  1. We needed to calculate the stretchy-ness of your average hammock a little better.
  2. I’m tidy husband – not handy husband. My toolkit contains a hammer, vise-grips and a ten dollar screwdriver kit from home depot and half a roll of electrical tape so this task took much longer than anticipated.
  3. We wished we had higher railings for the deck. This would have solved problem number 1 for us.

But all is not lost and after a few more hours of unscrewing, and re-screwing 3 inch bolts into the deck with my professional tool kit we managed to get BW off the ground a little bit more:

better hammock placment

She’s only off the ground by about six inches, but she is indeed off the ground and the hammock was installed, and wife was in said hammock so this means I am off the hook and I can now resume my happy wife=happy life day and return to the basement to bask in the glow of my monitor.

Not so fast sparky.

Now BW needs accessories:

  1. drink
  2. pillow
  3. phone
  4. headphones
  5. more drink
  6. towel for shade
  7. dog for companionship

hammock installed

And after all that effort BW was in the thing for about 15 minutes tops, and then hasn’t been in it again.

To Summarize:

For sale: one hammock. hardly used. perfect for those afraid of heights