In The Dog Pound

It seems I've gotten into a wee bit of trouble:


I got the dog fat

I didn't really mean to, but when feeding it at 6am I kind of eyeball the measuring of the dog food to the level of good enough and after a visit to the vet today, BW came home to tell me the dog has gained 16+ lbs

Now, I don't see this as that big of problem for a couple of reasons:

  1. Shorter life span for the dog = less time I have to live with the farty1 dog2
  2. I've gained the same amount of weight over the past few years too, and I like that I have a flabby companion by my side. There's safety in numbers. If all the household members are a bit fatter than when they met, I figure it's like it never happened 3

But the word from BW is that the dog goes on a diet starting immediately and I am to feed it half of what I have been.

Apparently, having a dog that has grown in size 50% in 2 and half years is not a good thing.

Oh, Hey. Is There some Soccer Game Thingy Going On?P1010506.JPG

I think there might be. I'm not really really sure though..let me check some more..

There's food:


and cheering:


and smiles:


and scared family members (including yours truly – holy smokes, the swear words – and in both languages)


so..I'm pretty sure there's a game going on. I think the right team won, but I'm not sure..

I was out photographing our pretty flowers:


and lastly, I washed the car – we're good for another year. (buying a grey car was a smart move)


So, the moral of this story is:

  1. Don't get the Dog fat.
  2. Cheer for Argentina
  3. Wash The Car

and you get a happy wife. At least for now..


  1. OMG was the dog arty – we changed her diet to new food a week or so and holy smokes was it a very odorific week or so until things got sorted out internally.  

  2. BW thinks I'll cry when the dog finally packs it in. I don't think so.  

  3. Not that I am including you, BW. (whew, close one there)