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It’s Thanksgiving up there in Canader so I thought I’d take a minute to write about how lucky I am. I give BW a hard time here, but really she’s the best thing that ever happened to me (even if she does make me paint) and that’s because together we found this:

Dick and Jenny's

I’m not quite sure how we found this place. I think we were searching online for a breakfast place and they were local (we don’t have to leave the island!) and after we went there the first time, we both thought the same thing: Dick N’ Jenny, where have you been all our lives? (we’ve also recently found the best donuts in town but that’s an  article for another day). It’s all about the food.


Dick and Jenny's

You get to choose a pastry with your breakfast – instead of plain old toast.

Dick and Jenny's

bottomless coffee, and though not shown – they make homemade donuts!

Dick and Jenny's

Fresh fruit balances out the gagillion calories, right? I think I read that somewhere

Dick and Jenny's

We always stumble out happy (and a little bit fatter)

Happy Thanksgiving to all the turkeys back home. 🙂


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