Gone Gone Gone, She’s Been Gone So Long.

She’s Gone.

Not for good – BW is in Asuncion, Paraguay doing research for all things academia and has left me home with thedog. But, this has got me thinking that while she’s gone there’s been a lot of things that related to counting so I figure it’s been a while since I wrote here I’d freshen things up with some facts and figures while BW is away:

But first, obiligtory photo of thedog:


  • Days BW has been away: 14
  • Number of times BW has asked me to write something here: 3
  • Days until BW comes home to me (us, if you count the dog): 35
  • Miles she’s away from us: 5241
  • Times I have to walk the dog: 49
  • Average times I let the dog in/out per day: 8
  • Total times I’m doggy doorman: 392
  • Bags of dog food left for the dog: 5
  • Frozen pizzas left for me: 5
  • Garage Floors Painted: 1
  • Doors to Paint: 6
  • Decks to Paint: 1
  • Plants to Water: 2
  • Lawns to cut: 2
  • Frozen Pizzas devoured to date: 1
  • Percentage  of a chance there will be a new pantry built by the time she gets back. 50
  • Times the car wouldn’t start in the morning: 3
  • Times the car did start:2
  • Times the lawnmower didn’t start: 1
  • Dollars BW paid for replacement wedding band to wear while away: 15
  • Boxes of cereal left for me: 6
  • Laundry loads so far: 3
  • Coffee Cups consumed per day: 12 (average)
  • CD’s organized, input into iTunes: 1021
  • Times dog gets fed per day: 2
  • Total times I will feed the dog: 98
  • Carrots eaten by thedog: 14
  • Carrots eaten by me: 2
  • Technology used to talk to BW while away: 3 (facebook, skype, google)
  • Size of pineapples in Paraguay vs here: 30%
  • Times I’ve been to Canada: 1
  • Planes she took to get there: 2
  • Hours her flight was delayed: 4
  • Hours I worried while she was in the air. 12
  • Amount I miss her: 100%

Come home, BW.


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