Put The Camera Down and Help Me With The Tree

As I had mentioned earlier I thought that today might be the day that we purchase the christmas tree and it was. BW was so excited she couldn’t sleep and was awake much to0 early compared to her usual time and once the caffeine kicked in it was “Okay Jimmy, let’s go get the tree”.  So off we went, off to Tim Hortons first, and then to the tree stand up the road.

Of course, BW wanted the expensive tree (now that she has the fancy camera bag, it’s nothing but the best for her) but I talked her out of it by targeting her weakness: food. I suggested we buy the cheaper tree and use the saved money to go for chinese food. (this works every time). Also now that we’ve got the fancy SUV tossing a tree in was much easier.

The tree is up, and now I have to vacuum out dog hair (you know who you are) and pine cones from the car but that’s the price you pay for being a tidy husband.

At least there’s Chinese Food in my future.



White Friday

It should be called freaking cold friday because that’s what it was. 12 degrees when I woke up and not much warmer later in the day so today’s efforts was to bundle up and walk out the front door, grab this photo of the snow and then back indside. Will try to be more adventurous tomorrow. There’s been talk about christmas tree shopping soon…

Thank Full

Due to the big snowstorm and BW’s cold we couldn’t get down to Pennsylvania to see family. But, we managed to do OK otherwise and we celebrated the US holiday with just the 2 (ok, three) of us with big honkin’ steaks the size of my head. I had planned on going outside at some point to grab the photo du jour but I can’t see or feel my toes right now I’m so full and can’t move so here’s my culinary delight.

Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a couch with my name on it.


My New Camera Bag

JIM_2918 (2)BW, thoughtful wife that she is bought me a brand new camera bag back from her trip from Rome. Wait, hang on a sec….

BW tells me that it’s not a camera bag but a new purse for her. She tells me that she bought me a chocolate bar but the dog ate it.

So to summarize: The dog ate my chocolate bar (and survived) and BW has a new purse. When in rome, indeed.


Home Safe

After a whirlwind trip to Germany, and then spending the weekend in Rome, she’s back home. And she bought me a gift… stay tuned.

Still Hanging In There

“You should take more pictures” BW said to me the other day as we were perusing some photos I/we took this summer.

And, she’s right. I should.  I’m not sure why I’ve stopped in recent  months, but I have and I think I’d like to try again and get to shooting more.

The problem with this blog is that I/we are really not that interesting every day and as such I’ve been ignoring it. I’ve posted the odd photo to facebook but for the most part I’ve not photographed enough.

I’ve been inspired by this blog where the photographer took a photo every day for a decade. How cool would that be to go through your archives and look back at all that’s happened. He’s shooting in Toronto for the most part and gets out every day to take and upload a photo. He’s got photos of Sam the Record Man and other Toronto Landmarks that are no longer downtown. After a decade he called it quits quite likely due to the fact that he went from single guy to 2 kiddos and life and also: it’s pretty tricky to take a photo every day that’s interesting.

This could very well be another started project that doesn’t continue long but hey, I’m gonna try. And this spider starts things off..

Here goes…