Year in Review

And the award for sexiest man of 2013 goes to.. (well, nevermind –  BW thinks so and that’s all that matters). Also, has anybody seen my sandals to go with these socks?

Anyway,  I thought I’d pull up my socks and get to writing a ‘best of’ for 2013. 

We were lucky this year. Sure, the dog peed on the floor once or twice, the new car is well broken in and the wet basement repair and the garage door broke all the same week but that’s nothing that money can’t fix. What’s important is we survived this:


This is when BW was knocked out for two weeks or more with a concussion. I never worried so much. Sorry, BW but no skating for you from now on.

Then for a very short time I got a J.O.B selling these:


but that didn’t last too long – just as well. Hey, I tried. Also we got a great deal on one too. We didn’t even test drive it. It’s a small SUV – what’s to test drive? The requirement was for the dog to fit in the back and us in the front and after our week with the concussion to have a car that starts reliably. If you’re one of the friends that helped schlep us around to doctors when BW was sick – thank you again.

And then you before you know it, it’s springtime and BW had me working again in the garden.



With much complaining on my part. (did I mention I hate gardening?).


(note the four legged inspector)


We enjoyed lots of the simple pleasures – like trips to the park for mexican:







And then, BW left me for six weeks or so to go research on the other side of the planet, and she left me with this:


and while she was away I used this,


and this


and I painted these:


I also ate well:



kept good care of the garden:


and then before you know it – the summer is over and she’s back home where she belongs:


and I was able to prove to her that I can keep her flowers alive (better than the garden that’s for sure).




I also had a wee battle with the mice in the garage this year:


and it did get a bit hot when BW was away:


and summer 2013 was over and the fall is where we got busy on other projects.

I taught a five (six?) year old how to play road hockey, BW got a business card with an even fancier title, we sold the older car:


and I got to work on a few new projects now that all my chores were done.

Also later this fall I started to pick up a camera again because we missed being able to look back and laugh at all the silly things we do and this is a great place to share then with friends and family.

A few more faves from 2013: JIM_2404







JIM_2926 (2)


JIM_3509 (1)


JIM_2926 (2)



Ooooh right. Let’s not forget about the trip to rome this fall and the purchase of this:


So now with just hours to go before the end of the year – what’s the plan for Tidy Husband in 2014? Well,making more money and getting skinnier would be nice but I hope to write here more. More than once I have given up but I keep coming back as it’s fun to write these kind of posts where we just share the everyday, and in 2014 we’ve got 365 of ‘em.

It should be fun.

Happy New Year!

Tidy Husband, and Family.

Lessons Learned

and….I’m back. so much for my every day thing but still lots have been going on and I thought I’d share..


  1. See the photo above? If this kiddo asks you for chocolate milk you will succumb. 

  2. If you have 11 people in your house at one time things get kindof crazy and there are beds and pillows everywhere. Add a dog and the fact that over 50% of said occupants don’t speak the same language as you do you will spend a lot of time:

a: tripping over stuff.
b. washing towels.
c. waving arms and pointing.

and photos were taken:


and the play dough was a hit: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3: if your wife drives in this:


you will spend the day here:


  1. If BW asks what she got for christmas tell her ‘an alignment’ . Oh, also this

Season’s Greetings Everybody. 🙂


After a stormy weekend, it looks like we survived snowmageddon 2013 version 1.0, and after a pretty lazy weekend we’re back at it again to the regular routine of dog walks and laundry (both of which seem neverending). At least the sun is shining.






Option A: Go outside in over a foot of snow and ‘real feel’ of zero degrees and see if I can get a photo of something interesting.


Option B: “Oh Look! We bought a poinsettia today and I can photograph that!”

3 guesses on what option I went with.



Let Me Count the Ways

BW’s question of the day: “When are you going to shove the snow again?”

As if twice wasn’t enough today. (And apparently, it isn’t)



Filed under: Weird things I find while dog walking.

I also saw today our neighbour walking with a dog in a baby stroller. I told the dog not to get any ideas..

Snowed In

Here’s the scene: BW and I are eating dinner and the news announcer comes on the radio: “Snowfall tonight at 3 inches per hour”.

“Whoa!!” we say and hurriedly call family members who were planning on a six hour drive tomorrow morning to come visit that at this point in the game that might not be the wisest choice – even if you do want to see Niagara falls. So here we sit. Indoors, with 200+ Fraiser reruns to go on Netflix and it’s still up in the air whether I have to scrub the tub for company this weekend.

Also, has anybody seen the shovel?  

Say It With Bacon

3 years ago today BW and I met for breakfast. And I haven’t been the same since. 🙂

So, to celebrate the event instead of flowers, we went for breakfast at our favorite breakfast haunts, Dick and Jenny’s on the island. They also have lunch (BW wanted to go back) and dinner too and it’s all very good. And speaking of all good, it’s a good thing BW said yes to date number 2 or I’d never know about how great both breakfast and married life could be.



l wp-image-2014” /></a>

The UPS Guy

The Dog hates the UPS guy. The mailman, not so much but OMG does the dog go crazy when the UPS guy shows up at the door. Also, note to self: clean windows.

Slip Sliding Away

The plan was to mosey around the block and find some neighbours with nice christmas lights. But, seeing as how we live in Buffalo mother nature had other plans and it’s freezing rain and slippery out there so after three close calls I’d done enough suffering out in the cold for my art and this photo of me almost going down on attempt number 2 will have to do for today’s effort.