When in Doubt, Delegate


I had been avoiding this for some time but BW stated that if I did not do something with this shed then there would be no eating for me. ( I wonder if she really means it?)

So, I promised that the four days I had off I would ‘fix’ the shed.

The plan was to shingle and paint the shed you see above and despite the fact that I did not have any experience with shingles ( I have lots of painting experience) and a fear of heights there was no way that I would be able to escape this to-do list on the fridge. It was happening.

We went to Lowes where we were all ready to buy paint and supplies but then as we were walking into the store we saw this:


Consider that:

  • I have never shingled before
  • I am not real good with power tools
  • I like easy

I managed to convince bw that it would be just as easy to just get rid of the old shed rather than spend the money to fix the old one as the price difference between shingles and paint and all the extras that always seemed to be needed and price-wise this isn’t really all that more expensive.

Also, the shed was on sale too.

So, I like easy. BW likes me, and we’re getting a new shed. Seems good, right?

Then when home I came to the realization that I would have to get rid of the shed.

Turns out that this is more complicated than I thought. I would need a ladder, some power tools, a dumpster for the driveway to take it away, and god knows what else. What have I done?


The next morning I emptied out the old shed of all the crap we had in it and most of it went to the garbage bin. You would be surprised what you don’t need.


We kept BW’s old bike, the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow and the tools and shovels. The shovels and stuff found a new home in the garage with a hanger that was in the old shed that was not getting used. So I re-painted the hanger with some krylon and ta-da! We now have organized shovels and stuff.


Back to the shed:

Shed is empty – check

Shed needs to go – check

New shed ordered – check

Now all I had to do was to figure out how I was going to get rid of it without injury?

I know, I thought: I will give it away!

Enter craigslist. I posted an ad and some photos that stated:

Free shed.

You must dismantle and take away.

Shed is in good shape, but needs shingles and paint

Contents not included

Then ten minutes later the phone rang. Somebody wanted the shed, and they were on the way to pick it up.

BW now thinks I am a genius.

Sure enough, about a half an hour later a young guy shows up with a trailer and his girlfriend, and starts to dismantle the shed. I offered to help but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it – so fine – BW and I drank cold drinks on the deck while the shed got dismantled, and not by me. 🙂

It took the poor fellow all day to get the roof off (admittedly the trickiest part) but he did and then the next day he came right back and got the walls and other bits and off he went. He’s happy he has a shed for a workshop and I’m happy that I have no shed and a happy wife.


The dog watched our shed drive off into the sunset.


Then came the next part: building the shed.


It turns out the box was a little bigger than we thought. The sales guy at the store suggested we rent a pickup truck and take it home. We decided to have it delivered and I am glad we did because holy smokes – it weighs close to 400 lbs. There would be no way BW and I could move that.

Now that I’ve got the shed up next is to get the floor prepped for the new one, and I am good to go.

The actual building of the shed took me about 8 hours or so. Of course, I got halfway building it and realized that I had put a part for the roof in upside down and thuderstorm while I was installing the roof was poorly timed as well.

Also, there’s always extra screws – right?


But I did it. I promised BW I would take care of the shed and I did:


And I think it looks a lot better than our old one too. And, it’s smaller so we can’t get more crap into it. It will hold our lawn furniture and our push mower and wheelbarrow so we’re good.

A few notes:

  1. People will take anything if it’s free. This is not the first time I had somebody else come get my crap
  2. I had painted the platform with some leftover paint from the garage, but now that I see it I need to re-paint a brown. The gray isn’t working.
  3. The plan for the rest of the space is to get BW a little greenhouse so she can get a start on her garden for next year.
  4. And some landscaping needs done around the edges

As a bonusI realized I had some metal shelves in the shed that I didn’t even know existed. So I painted them up and installed them in the garage. I also found an old light too so I hung that in the garage so BW can see when she’s doing her crafts.

The garage needs to be cleaned up a bit, but that’s next on the list.


And there we are. The summer of the shed is over but don’t worry as BW still has lots of other stuff for me to do.

Are You Ever Going To Blog Again?

That’s what BW asked me the other day.

So ya, it’s been a while and I have stories to tell.

Last time when I left you we had just arrived at our vacay destination and then I left all my readers hanging and this led BW to ask the question above.

But, I have an excuse ( I always do).

So yes it’s true that we have back from our vacation for some time now but I have been busy so there’s that. You see,every Wednesday since I have been back has been “wake up and paint something wednesday” and I have to tell you I have done a lot of painting. Or at least it seems that way.


I painted the deck:

And now that we have some lawn furniture on it and BW has been busy with the flowers, our little abode has been shaping up the last few weeks:

And then once I got that all painted the next was the garage floor:





So there’s that. I also have some other news and goings on to share but first…

Our Vacation

We had just arrived in Mobile Alabama when I last wrote and once we landed late Saturday night we didn’t do much but plop ourselves into bed after being in the car so long but it’s a small world because the first thing I saw was that the previous guests at our AirBnB rental left a souvenir:


It’s a small world sometimes,

The following day, Sunday was pretty lazy day as we had no plans really. BW wanted to go to the beach on Sunday but I suggested we hold off so we avoid the crowds so that’s what we did.

BW did really well in picking the spot for our little getaway.


This spot had all the things you would need including a kitchen and all the goodies you would need like pots and pans etc. In fact, BW had our blue apron box of the week sent to Mobile so we had some home-cooked meals and didn’t eat out all the time. She’s smart like that.

But we still ate our way across Mobile, to be sure.

One of the strangest things I learned that was I like to eat crawfish (who knew?)


We actually had to ask some nice young fellows on how the heck do you eat these things? They were nice enough to show us how and so we shared the feast you see above. I liked it so much that I convinced BW to take me back later in the week.

The restaurant was called Mud Bugs and I think it was a great time considering what they served. They also had a rule that if you showed up at the counter to order with your phone they wouldn’t serve you and call somebody else.

After stuffing our faces we went Downtown to check out locals and it seems they have a little fort in downtown mobile so we went and did and saw fort-y things.




They had a downtown museum on display as well of the history of Mobile as well so we checked out how the locals used to live:


And dressed:


By the time we saw all the sights it was getting late (or dinner time ) and so we went ‘home’ made dinner, watched a Netflix and because we are older we were in bed very early.

We did notice that the week we were there you could count on a thunderstorm every day at 4 for about 20 mins and then it was back to sunshine.


That’s all for now. I don’t want to write too big an an article and have my photos not upload so I will stop here for now but at least it’s a start.

Up Next: Beach Day!