The Bandana

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My big task of the day was take the Dog to and from the groomers as it was bath day (for her, not me)

Every time she gets a bath two things happen:

  1. We are out fifty bucks
  2. She gets a new bandana

I call this fifty-dollar dog day.

Anyway, today I go pick up the dog and notice the bills bandana and think nothing of it because I could care less about sports.

But BW is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. And holy hell did she flip out when she saw the bandana. I thought she was going to disown us. ( I would probably be the first to go, as the dog does have seniority after all. )

There was grunting and complaining (from her, not the dog) and just overall unhappiness in the house overall for an hour or two until things settled down.

As I write this the dog is still wearing this but I bet BW won’t be able to stand it and will remove it.

Me? I’m rooting for the Leafs


  • Aunt Rita
    January 5, 2018

    50 bucks??!!!! Youza! …don’t you guys have a bathtub?? ;o)

  • Jim Fitzsimmons
    January 6, 2018

    Like the mastercard ad:

    Bath $25.00
    Nails Trimmed $10.00
    Clean Dog’s Butt: I have mastercard. ?

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