Bread Pudding Gone Wild

BW and baking are usually not a good ‘mix’.

Last night, BW decided she need to make bread pudding. I won’t touch the stuff becasue soggy bread isn’t really my thing but she likes it.

Bread goes in oven. She goes up the computer for a bit and then comes down to check on it and I hear:

“Whoa! It’s not supposed to look like this!!!

image alt text

I will let you decide if this is bread pudding to you.

Enchilada Pie

image alt text

BW made enchilada pie tonight, and it was pretty good. She would say it was delicious but as I’m the fussy eater in the house I’m not sure I would have it again. But, thedog and I got fed so I guess if we like living indoors we should not complain too loudly.

On Subscribing to Spotify

I have canceled and uncanceled my spotify subscription so many times I can’t count but I keep coming back to spotify even though BW and I share a google play music subscription and it a lot of ways they duplicate each other, but I find that both have different qualities that I like and so I figure I can find the ten bucks a month it costs to pay for my spotify entertainment.

I especially enjoy the weekly curated ‘discover’ playlist that spotify has as well. Also, this playlist has probably every song I grew up with with something like 1000 songs or more, there’s always a song I haven’t heard in years.

Speaking of which U2’s the Joshua Tree was released 30 years ago earlier this week.

30 YEARS! How did that happen?

Sold 2008 Apple iMac

I just watched my Apple iMac leave the house, sold to some young man on craigslist:

image alt text

It’s a 2008 model, and I maxed out the RAM and replaced the hard drive with a faster one, but I didn’t really need it and besides: the rule is if something comes in the house then something has to leave and I’m eyeing a new phone so maybe I can get BW to okay that purchase now that I’ve gotten rid of some crap.

I paid about $170 for this with upgrades and sold it for $150.00 so I didn’t pay too much of an Apple tax for this item. It ran surprisingly well for a 9 year old computer but I have others to use so I will survive without this for now.

Seven Silverados

image alt text

I spent the evening at work in 7 different chevrolet pickup trucks that really only differed in color and if a few cases the options as the Z71 option has a few more toys and I think a bigger motor but I could be wrong.

I’m not quite sure why I’m to photograph the same truck over and over again even if the only thing different is the color, but hey it keeps me employed for the time being and BW likes that so there you go.

Weather was 32 degrees and cloudy.

Car Repairs 101

fixed car

Earlier last week BW would see if she could test her parking skills.

The result was a small crack on the lower bumper, some small scuffs and scrapes and a busted washer fluid motor.

The scuffs and cracks we will live with because it’s just a matter of time that the other 3 corners look the same but in Buffalo having a washer motor that works is kind of a big deal. So, I took her car to work and they got us all fixed up for a surprisingly reasonable price considering I work at a dealer and it’s been the case in the past that dealer repair prices are not that cheap.

One of the benefits of working at car dealer we have found is that you get the luxury of dropping your car off, going to work and then picking it up without having to arrange drop offs or courtesy rides. It’s a benefit to be sure.