Lost and Found

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I guess it had to happen eventually this winter. I lost a pair of gloves. If I had to guess they’re in a shopping cart somewhere at Wegmans. It’s the last place I can think of where I had them.

This isn’t that big of a deal I guess, as they were just cheap winter gloves and not some high-tech ski glove so this is a problem that a bit of money can fix.

Thankfully, today was quite pleasant – Well, at least in Buffalo terms.  We actually saw 32 degrees and sunshine and  I even think I saw some snow try to melt.  It was so hot out that on the way home I washed th  car.

So if there was a day to lose gloves then I could have picked a worse day.  Losing these gloves still bothers me though because I’m a grown man and by theory should be able to keep track of things that were just on your hands.

I have new gloves coming (Thanks to Amazon Prime) so crisis averted.

Maybe I should have ordered one of these too so I tdon’t lose these as well.


Corvette Season

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snow tires not included. See dealer for details

One of the weird perks of my job is I have probably driven every late model car at this point at one time or another but I never had the pleasure of driving a corvette in the snow.  Until today.

I put the vette in gear, hit the gas and…nothing.  The tires just spun. the only way to get the car to go anywhere was to just let the car idle and crawl along in the snow.  I WAS SO glad I managed to photograph and park this thing so it could be somebody else’s nightmare.

I hate corvettes. I didn’t always hate them and as  a kid I remember being in the back seat of the ford wagon with the wood paneling and shouting “Dad! Look  –  a vette!” as we saw a ’77 go down the road.


Now I avoid getting near these. They are just too low to the ground. It’s bad enough I have to get in and out of about 12 cars a day during my work day multiple times – I don’t really relish the job of struggling to get out of a car so close to the ground.

Heck, it’s starting to get so getting off the couch hurts. Corvettes are a young man’s game (Or you have a really good chiropractor)

It looks like I lasted 2 weeks into the year before I crawled into one. I guess somebody somewhere has dreams of springtime and summer, and with the weather we have had recently – can you blame them?

The Laundry Hamper

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shoes not included

It’s Wednesday.

That’s the middle of the week and if your house is like ours, it’s clean – ish. Heavy on the ish. It’s not horrible by any stretch but I would be lying to you if I told you our home was showroom ready.

As an example, as I write this there is an empty laundry hamper smack dab in the middle of the living room. I’m not sure how it got there or even who put it there in the first place – but it’s been there long enough that the dog hair is starting to drift up against the edges.

I saw this hamper a day or so ago and my first thought was to just pick it up and put it somewhere more appropriate than in the middle of the living room . But then I wondered how long it would stay there before somebody, anybody would move it?

It turns out that a laundry hamper can make it to mid week – at least  – the week is still young.

This empty  laundry  hamper can also mean two things:

  1. All our laundry is done and put away so we have no more laundry for it to hamp.
  2. or…we haven’t done laundry in so long we even forget what this thing is in our living room and this is the first piece that started our new hoarding hobby.

I really, really hope it’s number 1.









Whole Home Intercom

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We have at last count  3 google home mini’s, phones of both android and iOS persuasions and god knows how many apps like whatsapp and skype and whatever other apps all the cool kids are using these days. Also, there might very well be a tablet or computer within reach

Simply put, there’s a lot of ways to communicate for BW and I while home together.

Want to know what we use most? The floor.

A few studs, a piece of plywood and some laminate flooring are all that separate BW and I in the house as her office is directly above mine.

Her office is the bed.

My office is small corner in the basement.

So every night we both go our separate ways for a bit and she reads or browses on her phone and I  enjoy the quiet of the night under the glow of my 43 inch screen. Or at least, that’s the plan.

BW has realized that there’s just a bit of floor between us  and she is directly over my head. And you would be surprised how well you can hear each other. You would think we lived in a paper house it’s so clear.

Now that BW has this knowledge, she can use it to communicate( yell) with (at) me any time she wishes and I can’t claim not to hear her.


I Have a Complaint

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a little slushy at work today

I just made it home, and barely got my coat off before I heard BW’s car pull up in the garage.

Guess what the first thing she says to me? (hint: see headline)

It seems my love for the pi-hole app I installed on our home wifi is not mutual because OMG I BLOCKED HER FACEBOOK! She can’t get important notifications about cat photos and fake news. 

I asked her if  any other, you know – important stuff  got blocked? Nope all work stuff was fine. she emailed, and wrote just fine. She tried to blame me about her work email on her phone but I just quit the app


At least the dog was happy to see me when I got home. 🙂

PS: One click and I fixed the facebook problem. send moar cat pictures plz.




Nap Day

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The photo you see is a stock photo. I had thought about uploading a photo of BW snoozing on the couch but I like staying married.

We both had naps this afternoon so any day with a nap is a good day.

Also BW woke me up with a fresh coffee!.

I thought it was because she really loved me but it was really a bribe so I would put on my coat and walk the dog. I’m not saying she doesn’t love me but I think that there was an a ulterior motive.

My big excitement of the day was that I figured out how to free up a computer I was using for my ad blocking system by using a cloud server. It costs a few bucks a month but it frees up a perfectly good notebook.

Also…I ordered a mug.

It’s a pi-hole mug. Because the nerd in me needed this mug. BW has her space mugs, and this will be my special mug.

I also updated my pi-hole ( I think I like this software so much because it has the word ‘pie’ in it) so that it blocks close to 3 million sites. Porn, spam and malicious trackers – poof! Gone.

I’m back to work full-ish time this week so I’m glad I got my blogging and napping and nerding in today while there’s still time.

Oh, BW found another project for me. I will share when/if I’m done.

I thought the family room makeover would tie me over for some time but apparently there’s more work that has to be done.

Internet and Pie

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I spent half an hour scraping the ice and snow off of my car this morning:

Only to find that the car wash was closed at work so even if I spent some time digging out the cars after the storm there was no way to wash them once I dug them out. If the cars aren’t clean I can’t very well photograph them.
So… I came home to BW.

She was doing something with little strips of paper and organizing a conference or something. I suggested that there was a computer upstairs that might make that easier but she was happy with her 1000 little strips of paper so whatever – happy wife, and all.

Me? I bought a faster router for my wireless system at home now that I’m living the ad-free lifestyle and spent a good part of the day setting it up. BW was not happy when I told her there was no internet for a while.

Had a very nice dinner and BW made me another pie. (pie count: 3)

So all in all a pretty good day at the end. We havDon’t panic yet though!e internet and pie – what more could a guy want?

H is for House Fire

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Today’s Word is…

house fire!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what is meant when the recipe calls to preheat the oven.

It seems that the pie BW baked me spilled over a little bit and so the drippings were burning off.

For those who are wondering: I do know where the fire extinguisher is, and our pizza for lunch turned out just fine.

Thankfully it’s freakishly warm today so I could open the windows to let the smoke out for an hour or so.

We have the oven self-cleaning now as I write this so that this won’t happen again for a little while at least.

Miss American Pie

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I came home from work last night and lo and behold BW was making me a pie! And I have to tell you she might have outdone herself. Look out cinnabon – you have competition.

Also, for those that are counting – this is pie number 2 for 2018.

In other news we dodged the ‘take apart the dashboard’ repair on my car. It turned out it had a clogged heater core but the mechanic was able to flush it out. If this didn’t work then the only other option would have been the 1000 dollar plus repair so that’s a big relief.

I’m not sure if the repair will hold over time but we can handle a $124.00 bill and cross our fingers. For the time being at least, the car has heat.

Today ended up being quite busy as I had to repair the garden hose. It was warmish (mid 40’s) out so I took the opportunity to wash some of the winter gunk off the garage floor. A 2 dollar trip to the hardware store resulted in a fixed hose and a cleaner garage floor.

Once that was done, I cleaned out and vacuumed out BW’s car and walked the dog.

And lastly, the dog got a new dog bed so she can hang out with me in my little basement office:

This brings the dog bed count up to four for her in the house. One of which is heated.

The dog does have seniority after all.

Until tomorrow.

TH and Co.

Hot or Not?

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I found out that the heater in my car died so today I took it to our friendly mechanic and of course as I was driving it there the heat started to work again. So I see two scenarios:

  1. It will be fine and he will send me home
  2. The entire car will have to be taken apart to replace some weird little valve that you can only access by taking apart the car and the repair is worth the same price of the car.

If number 1 happens then yay for me.

If number 2 happens then I better stock up on sweaters.

That’s Car incident number 1 this week…

Item Number 2

The second car woe is that BW’s car needed new brakes on the rear.

There’s few advantages of working at a car dealer, but one is dropping off the car to get fixed. The disadvantage is that you tend to get charged ‘dealer rates’ as opposed to our mechanic on the island.

But when you factor on my staff discount, the pricing for new brakes and rotors was pretty good so I just had it done at work and by the time I was done for the day the car was ready.

Item Number 3

Because my car was in the shop, I took BW’s car to work and after work, I took the power washer to the car so I could see out of it again. It’s pretty sloppy weather here in Buffalo.

I come around the corner and start hosing the car down and I notice the scuffs you see above.

For the life of me I could not figure out how, where , or when this may have happened. I know I didn’t do it and I thought somebody may have hit it in a parking lot, but the scuffs and scratches didn’t match any scenario I could think of.

When I got home tonight and told BW she replied “Oh ya, I fogot to tell you – I did that”


Mystery solved.