A Carpet for the Pet

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I should have been helping.

It started out as a slow Saturday but then I suggested that after lunch we go out and buy the blinds she wanted.

Today’s Lesson: Do not go to Home Depot with your wife. She will find stuff to organize and beautify the house with.

Today’s example is a new area carpet for the Living Room that I did not know we needed.

We bought it, and only after did we realize it might not fit in the Honda. Thankfully, it did.

And I don’t think there’s anybody in the house that’s more thankful than the dog about our new purchase.

Because after years and years of nothing but laminate floor to lie on, she finally has a warmer and softer place to sleep.

This Note’s For You

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I think that after six years BW and I have finally figured out this ‘being married’ thing. Like most couples, you have high hopes that it will all work out but you never really know. It’s important to have a right ‘match’ in life and with BW I have it.

Last year, I just picked up some cookies on the way home for Valentine’s day. But this year I went all out and made BW a card that you see above.

I actually went to the dollar store and bought the poster board and the stick on letters. That was the easy part – the hard part was trying to sneak the stuff in to the house. You never realize how much we are joined at the hip until you try to smuggle something in the house that your wife won’t notice.

This would not have been a problem if it was a laptop computer because I’m always buying and selling these but hoo boy is hard to sneak poster board into the house. Thankfully BW did finally go to work and this allowed me to get creative and make the card.

This card needs some explanation.

My work schedule has changed, but when I was working Saturdays – before I left in the morning I would get the coffee maker ready and leave BW a note with her cup ready to go – all she had to do was push the button. It somehow became a Saturday morning tradition.

These notes are just silly little rhymes or drawings but what makes these special are the fact that they are written on ugly christmas sweater notes that my 7 year old nephew gave me.

Over time I’ve saved these notes.

BW has been asking me to blog about these time and time again, and kept telling her to be patient because I had this card idea in my head

Finally after a very long wait I presented her with this beauty of a card.

And I have to say it was a success. Between the anniversary and the fact that valentines day is 2 days later, there’s been flowers and books and home made cards but now that all that is over we have to get back to normal routine.

Besides I’m out of poster board.

The Crown

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I was going to write about valentine’s day today because, well, it is.

But BW gave me better fodder for my blog today so I will write about the big day later this week – tomorrow probably. But today..

BW had a cracked tooth and today went to get started with a new crown for her busted tooth.

But things got a bit out of hand. Fast.

Apparently her idea of getting fitted for a crown was in an alternate reality compared to what really needs to happen.

I wasn’t there to witness this but in BW’s pretty little head she thought a crown would just be some plastic cap or something the dentist would slip on and she would be in and out of the dentist’s office in a jiffy.

So one can imagine her surprise when she saw the needle! OMG the needle! Nobody said anything about needles!

She tells me she had a nervous breakdown at the sight of this and protested the entire operation because she thought there would be no needles and grinding.

Spoiler alert: there were needles and grinding.

It was so bad she had to go home and sleep and yet when I got home from work she was still grumpy and miffed that this dental exercise caught her completely off guard. In short, she was not prepared.

In her pretty little head she had a completely different scenario than what would actually transpire, and there was drama. Oh boy, do I feel for our dentist.

And..in the spirit of the day I came home with cookies.

Because cookies make everything better when you’ve had a bad day.

Happy Valentines Day, BW!

Ground Dog Day

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A few weeks back I wrote about groundhog day but today is ground dog day. They are not to be confused.

As the name suggests – this is a holiday just for dogs where the dogs notice that there’s some sun in the window and promptly start to lie on the ground in the sun.

Here’s how to celebrate this holiday:

Rules For Dogs

First , you note that there is this strange glow coming in from the windows – you realize that it’s actual sunshine.

Then, you get down off of your heated throne and go lounge in the sunshine for the first time in many months. This is great! You say to yourself as you zonk out on the floor until it’s dinner time – or the sun goes down – whatever comes first.

It’s not quite summertime yet where you can go sunbathe on the back deck but after so many short days it’s a treat to do some sunbathing. Sleeping on the couch when your owners are not around was getting so old. Same couch – different day. But this..this is great!


Rules For Dog Owners

It’s easy to recognize ground dog day even though technically it’s not on any calendar:

Check your flooring areas. If there is any sign of sunshine and your dog is lying there then today is the day. If all you see is dog hair then it means that winter is still here. Also, maybe you should vacuum.

Rules for all of US

Hang in there. It will be spring soon. 🙂

Pretty in Pink

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If you wait long enough, fashion will come full circle and what was once out of fashion is now in fashion once again.

For example, I have bigger glasses again than I have in the past. They’re not quite the tortise shell montrosities of the eighties, but they are getting there.

And then last week I went jean shopping and found that the jeans of my youth are in style again.

And they’re under $30 bucks for a pair. Oh, and they’re stretchy too which is a good thing because: pie.

Oh the flashbacks of all the hours I fretted about having the right taper on my pants in the 80’s . I was a regular customer at many a tailor over the years because the thought of being caught in a straight leg or even worse – floods, still gives me nightmares.

Fast forward to today where I go to buy any old pair of jeans really, but find that the fashion of my youth is cool again and this time around they are cheaper and stretchy too (because, pie)

It looks like for a brief period of time this spring I might actually be considered fashionable for a change.

Six Years

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“Where’s my tidy husband post?” asked BW

“You can’t rush art”, I replied.

And so goes yet another day of married life with BW telling me what to do.

Today is special – or at least a little bit different because today we also get to celebrate our sixth anniversary of married bliss.

As a good husband does (and one who wants to continue to live indoors) I bought BW flowers (she told me to) but I also bought/made her a little photo book of all our selfies we took together over the years. I think my favorite of the bunch is this one:

But there’s lots others in the book too. I even included one of me and the dog:

Because apparently when I got hitched, it came with conditions: The dog came first – she is staying so I have learned to deal.

We’re good team BW and I. Despite the fact that I give her a hard time here she really is the best thing that ever happened to me. (I’m still not sure about the dog)

Some say the wedding day is the party. But I disagree – it’s all the days after that is where the fun is.

Happy Anniversary BW.

Love, TH (and the dog)


The $100 CardBoard Box

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How much would you pay for a box? A cardboard box?

At most – about five bucks right? Unless you’re BW.

This morning we went and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a day early and went for breakfast:

And while I was consuming my calories for the day in just one meal, BW drops this bomb on me:

“I was bored so I did something”

“Oh?” I ask

“I bought a cardboard box”


It turns out BW started to think about all the candy wrappers at her campus and how she’s always picking them up after students discard them and apparently this led her to some internet research and found a company that will recycle your candy wrappers.

All you need to do is cough up $100 or so for a cardboard box and they will take it to and fro when it gets filled up.

She plans on leaving this outside her office door and it’s commendable that she’s doing this for the environment and all but $100.00?

We already have a $50.00 dog and now we have this?

BW admits that it was impulsive so whatever but I just can’t help thinking that If I gave her a box and then when it was full picked it up and took it to the recycling center would she give me the hundred bucks instead?

Personally, I think this was timed. She waited until I was eating and in a celebratory mood to drop this, but whatever – it’s too late now.

I wonder though…does this mean I could buy a new printer? The one I am looking at is on sale for $100 so I could explain to BW that I didn’t buy a printer and I just bought a $100 box.

They threw in the printer for free. 🙂

On Podcasts

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When I first moved in  BW and I could not be any more different when it came to what we listened to. I moved in stereos and speakers galore and listened only to music, while BW listened to only NPR.

(Oh, and that Journey CD she has in the car at full volume)

Now I think we have rubbed off on each other. We share a family Google Play music plan and I’ve become a fan of NPR, so much so that I found the world of podcasts which make my drive to and from work so much more enjoyable.

Also, I clean the house listening with my little bluetooth headphones and BW has no problem with this at all.

If you’ve never tried a podcast, I suggest giving one a try. I tend to listen to some politics stuff, and of course computer podcasts but I also like the history podcasts too – As I write this I am learning about the 10th Ammendment. I guess marrying a historian is rubbing off.

I always thought podcasts were silly because why would you listen to people talking when you could listen to music but over the past year or so I have really been enjoying  them.

Maybe it’s because after a while you can only stomach so much of that Journey CD.

In the Spring

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I  have a new strategy when it comes to dealing with BW.

BW says that we (ie: me) have to do something and I reply “In the Spring”

Take today for instance, BW comes downstairs and tells me that the trim in the bathroom needs fixed. Okay, I reply ” In the Spring”

I’ve done this a few times now and I think I have a few reasons:

  1. My middle initial is P. As in Procrastination
  2. BW seems to be okay with this answer
  3. It buys me time. I don’t have to get off the couch.

Also, spring is vague time frame. Spring could be March 21 or June 30th. So depending on how you look at it I have anywhere from six weeks of not doing anything to over 3 months 🙂

Lastly, I figure I get a break. My last project came in under budget and ahead of time so I figure that I might as well go with this stall tactic  as far as I can as it seems to be working.


Now all I have to do is get her used to the idea that it’s best to do stuff in the summer.




At Least There’s Pie

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It’s pie night! We have 2 (now one) home made pies in the freezer for cold winter nights and even though it’s not the blizzard of ’77 there’s snow on the ground and that’s close enough for us.

Speaking of snow…

Now is the time I think that you finally get sick of it. And you know what? We have only had a little bit of snow this year. There was a few days a week ago when I was able to wear light sneakers to work.

Not today – we got hit with about 4 inches or so. Not too bad, but the traffic today was just no fun whatsoever getting to work this morning so it’s times like these where you check the temperature of warmer climes.

It was 56 degrees in SF this morning at 6am EST. Still sweater weather, but much better than wearing all my sweaters which is what I did today.

So we wait. And Hope. Because surely spring must be around the corner.

In the meantime I will eat Pie.