Space Cadets


Now that we had over 2/3 of the driving done, I was packing up the car in the morning  at a leisurely pace when I noticed that our car didn’t really fit in with the locals:

Big Trucks are Big in Kentucky.

But we didn’t have time to lollygag too much because we still had all of Tennessee and Alabama  to get through but we did have time for some stops and adventures

Let’s Go to the Space Museum!


So off we go the space museum in Huntsville Alabama which was about 2.5 hours south.

insert more driving here

But first, lunch. We had wanted to go get some soul food at this little hole in the wall, but it was closed, but  we did find farmburger which was really good. As usual, I just had a plain old burger and fries but BW had a burger with all the fixings:


and then once we had our burgers off to the space center we went. But before I share our adventures at the space center  I need to tell a quick story about BW losing stuff.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the space center we decided that BW would be the one to carry wallets/keys/etc so she went to get her laptop bag and use it as a shoulder bag.

Lo and behold, what did she find?

Somebody stole my iPhone! …oh, wait. never mind. 

You see, last January just after BW went on the hook for 2 years for a brand new iPhone 7 she called me in a panic at the airport while she was coming home from a conference in Denver.

“Jimmy, somebody stole my iphone!”

I went online and tracked it and we thought it was gone because the tracking showed it went from the airport to some seedy airport bar across the street. I wiped it remotely and we both realized that it was probably gone for good.

As luck would have it, I had her mothers’ older phone on my desk as I was supposed to sell it on eBay and didn’t get around to it yet so I just went to the Verizon store  and had them de-activate the lost model and activate the new one where I met BW at the airport with her brand new old iPhone.

Then. As you can already guess by the photo.. guess what BW found in her bag? Her  thought-to-be stolen iPhone 7! Woo Hoo. (I still have questions about how the phone showed it was at a bar across the street, but whatever.)

This bag I tell you is magic. Last week, BW called me in a panic (notice a theme here?) that when she got to the border to go to Canada and she could not find her nexus card.

Guess what she found the other day in this bag? Yup, the nexus card.

The problem with this bag is that there are too many pockets and BW (obviously by now) keeps on losing stuff in them.

Anyway. Crisis (s) averted. We have her iPhone 7. It’s all good.  At least now we are making payments on a phone we still possess now.

Onward and upwards to

Space Photos!

The space center was actually nicer and more fun than I expected. Lots of interesting stuff to look at and learn about..

after we walked on the moon’s surface and avoided the gift shop attractions (actually, BW bought a mug) and saw what we could see at the center we then drove the remainder of the way to Mobile Alabama.

And finally, we had arrived here in Mobile.


until next time..


Hampton Inn or Bust


Well, she did it.

BW managed to get my sorry rear end off the couch, into the Honda and on our way for week without students or silverados to think about and now that  we have arrived, I must say we are having a very good time. 

Are We There Yet?

Friday morning we were on the road at 8am and started the loooong drive to Alabama. It was only a few hours into it when we decided that stopping for a break might be a good idea, so dear readers I present to you pee stop number 1:

I have to pee

This is where BW got to pet a dog and I was able to stretch my legs for a bit and then back on the road we were with the final destination of the day  being Bowling Green Kentucky for a night at the Hampton Inn. 

But between us and the inn was  lot of driving ahead of us so we just drove and drove and enjoyed the many sights that the great american road trip has to offer us :

BW says it’s too late for me

and then we finally arrived in Louisville and had some excellent Mexican Food at El Taco Luchador which we would have never have found if it was not for  Yelp.  That app along with Google Maps has pretty much saved our bacon this trip.

Torta Heaven

After dinner, we hopped back in the car, booked into the hotel and collapsed.

to  be continued…


I’m Going To Stop Feeding You

The above is what BW said to me if I didn’t get my fingers to the keyboard and write her a post (she thinks this site is just for her) .

Because it’s been well documented that I like to eat here I am, and as the yellow pages ad used to say: I’m letting my fingers doing the walking before BW sends me packing. 🙂

I Have My Reasons for the Lack of Posting

** alert – nerdy stuff ahead.

They say the worst thing you can do for a blog is to blog about blogging or lack of blogging but I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve been away because I have moved my blogs over to my very own server and switched back to writing with wordpress

I did have this site hosted for free and I would write my posts as plain old text files, and then use a terminal to ‘push’ the post to the server. All very technical and fun for the nerd in me. But then it stopped working, and I got frustrated as I spent too much time troubleshooting and not enough time writing.

So, back to WordPress it is. But where to host my site? I got to shopping around and with all the options out there the plans were either too small for the traffic I get.  (not this site, hell I could mail all my readers my posts) or… too big. I need to host two, maybe 3 sites but my options were for 1 or ten with nothing in between.

This Was Her Idea

I mentioned my problem of hosting to BW at lunch time and she replied: ” You should just get your own server”.

Ooooh. Good Idea. 

It turns out you can rent a server and host your site in Google, Amazon or some other data center. I’m on the cheapo plan but this site is actually hosted on it’s own dedicated server with 1GB of RAM and 30GB of disk space.

If I find I go viral, which is highly unlikely I just upgrade the servers to more space and more bandwidth if my current one starts to get bogged down. The best part is that this is all pretty cheap at something like 0.00002 cents a minute or something :

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 9.31.28 PM
I think I can afford this

All this has taken time to get transferred over. The actual site setup was easy and I did it from my phone while waiting at the doctor’s office, but the transferring of posts took some time. Hard to believe, but even with my sporadic posting there’s over 170 posts here of me complaining about my wife.

Anyway moving on…

May the Porch Be With You

this welcome mat was the cheap part

I mentioned that this was coming in a previous post that we were getting a new front porch and the day has come. A few weeks ago, this happened:

A lot of money hanging from a hook. 

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s a big improvement over our old porch so I guess there’s that.  We would have preferred something other than wrought iron railings but  nicer railings cost $1400 more! so that was out.


All in all we’re pretty happy with the porch. It’s up there with spending money on dental work as far as fun spending (and cost about the same too) but we were in dire need of a new porch and now that it’s installed we were just remarking today how nice our little house looks.


Once the porch was installed I called out the chief inspector to have a look and she noted that it was ‘wobbly’ so we had to call the poor guys back as they had just left to get it straightened out but it’s all good now and we even have a fancy welcome mat now.

We Are Eating Well

Our culinary adventures continue. Some meals looking better than others:

We were on a timing deadline the other day so I quickly whipped up a simple meal. Some may say too simple. I called BW down for dinner one day and presented her with this:

Just think of it as one big floret

She laughed and laughed at her very large broccoli hunk.  Who has time for presentation?

Other meals have been better thanks to blue apron:

an asian dish of some kind
shredded chicken with cabbage salad

I even got the day off and BW cooked one:


this was when she was feeding me

The Project

I don’t know what else to call this.

But BW got it in her head that at work outside her office should be some um, supplies for women available. So, BW started to create one.

She took an old TV tray we weren’t using, an office organizer and  some craft supplies and got to work:



Of course, BW being BW – once she got the idea in her head that this needed to happen then  there was no stopping her. She ran off to the craft store, quickly threw down a moving blanket and got to work:

Please don’t paint the dog

I don’t have a photo of the finished product as it’s in the garage and it’s dark but I will quickly update this post… to be continued.

Oh, also. While BW was trying to not paint the dog I was in the summer heat pulling weeds and leaves from the edge of the fence and trimming trees. Then it started to rain.

Guess who left all her toys in the rain while I picked them up and put them away?

Exactly.  They call me tidy husband for a reason.

We have Big Bags of Grass


File this under: other crazy stuff BW makes me do.

She came home all excited that our neighbours were throwing out perfectly good bags of grass that she could use for her compost bin and to fed her pet worms.


So, off we all get in the car and ‘rescue’ the grass from the end of the neighbours driveway.


We Have Faster Internet


For both of us that spend too much time online this is a pretty good deal. I took matters and my life in my own hands and called the cable company to see about getting faster speeds and they did. The best part is that it didn’t cost us any more.

For everyday surfing there’s  no much difference but it’s when I upload photos my blog or files to google drive that we really notice the difference.

I bought the ‘range extender’  you see above to see if it would help with the dead spot we get in the  kitchen, but no such luck. I sold it on eBay as it didn’t extend much of anything when it came to our wifi signal.

The Never Ending Chores

Lastly, I’m still busy working on my new sites but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been handy. Look, I hung planters:


Luckily, I had help:


Up next, is to paint the deck and that table. It’s going to be a long  summer.


That’s it for now.

Until next time,

Tidy Husband and Co.







I wish there was a way to explain this week, but there really isn’t.

You see it started when BW saw this on our downstairs coffee table:

image alt text

and then just a few days later, this:

image alt text

This ladies and gents is BW’s jesus on toast moment and when I don’t think it will get any weirder it does.

I thought it was kind of weird when BW was screaming at the top of her lungs and that I should get downstairs pronto. I ran downstairs thinking something was really wrong, but nope, just the fact that she saw stains on our ten dollar coffee table.

But how else could you explain all this stuff? It must be the second coming or maybe it’s just a spot where I put my second cup of coffee on the table but either way pretty freaky.

moving on..

Just Call Me Julia Child

I have been cooking. Let’s wait a minute and let that sink in a bit. I mean real cooking too and not just some spaghetti with a can of sauce either. I mean, take a look at this beauty I made:

image alt text

Looks pretty good, yes?

If you’re wondering what happened let me tell you that this was not planned. But the other day BW was leafing through some fliers and she found one for Hello Fresh and went to the computer to investigate.

It turns out that we could not figure out how to use the website and pick the meals so we got frustrated and researched and found blue apron instead

After doing some math, we figured that this might be a way to eat a bit healthier and I’m pretty good at following directions (I have been married for over five years after all) so how hard could this be?

It’s also beneficial that I am the one that’s the instruction follower instead of the instruction giver as that means the cooking can be a bit more equitable around here.

Also, we had a coupon.

So our first week with 3 meals has been a success. We have had:

An Asian Dish

image alt text

Mole Chili

image alt text


Pan Seared Cod with Olive Hash

image alt text

And as a bonus the folks at blue apron included an extra recipe where you have to get your own ingredients but if you include that then that’s 4 dinners for the week. Add to the fact that BW and I don’t eat together every day and this works out pretty well for our week. We cut back on grocery shopping for meals so this doesn’t really add to our cost of eating.

There’s a few reasons why we like blue apron:

  1. BW thinks I’m a hero that now I can cook
  2. Portion Control. There’s no seconds.
  3. 2 pans, tops. These are not all that complicated and are easy to clean up afterwards.
  4. Less waste. You don’t have to buy a jug of some sauce because some recipe calls for a 1/4 teaspoon. Blue apron supplies you with just enough of what you need so there’s not orphaned and lost ingredients in your fridge later.

and not only am I cooking but..

BW is Baking. Cakes.

As we have discussed here before BW and baking usually ends up in a 911 call so it’s to both of our surprise that we not only get to eat cake but that we still have a house to eat said cake in and it hasn’t been burned down. Just look at this beauty:

image alt text

Looks pretty good, right? Now the bad news is you must like lemon cake as this is all that BW does but hey we’re off to a start.

You Want How Much?

We’re getting a new front porch installed because the one we currently have is in pretty bad shape.

image alt text

So a few weeks ago I called the unit step guy and once I recovered from the price he quoted I arranged to have a new front porch installed and it’s getting there and we have the foundation poured. The guys should come back next week and finish the job once the concrete pad they poured is finished.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re cooking our own meals because this stuff ain’t cheap. The computers I could own… sigh

To wrap up I want to share one last thing:

The Dog Had a Sports Injury

image alt text

At least that’s what we found out at the vet and $175 later. The spring weather brings ball chasing and with it, the dog sprained a muscle. We can’t have a limping dog so she’s been on muscle relaxers and judging by how little she has moved they seemed to be very relaxing.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. It’s not written in stone but it seems like Sundays are a good night to write here.

Have a good week!

Tidy Husband and Co.

The Pietastrophe

Remember when we last spoke about how I was in trouble with BW? Well…consider this as part 2, but much, much worse.

You see, a few weekends ago BW left us for professional reasons (and to see how much she could spend on ubers) so once again I was left with this:

image alt text

(she’s not much help when it comes to cutting the lawn) and the instructions to eat whatever I wanted.

So I went to Wegmans and bought this and made some rice and wrapped it all in tortillas and ta-da! I had pretty cheap burritos to last me for the weekend. Add some nachos and perhaps a bit of chocolate for dessert and I’m in bachelor heaven (except for the dog hair).

What I Didn’t Buy Was This:

image alt text

See that pie above? That’s a strawberry cream pie.

That pie, sadly (for me) is not my ideal pie. For me, I much prefer a chocolate cake:

image alt text

In fact, for all my readers – If it’s chocolate, I’m in. Strawberry, no so much. Please remember this fact.

And this is where the fun starts. BW bought me a strawberry pie and brought it from Salt Lake City with the **pie on her lap! **She travelled all that way with a pie on her lap in an airplane.

For me.

She must **really love me! **

But guess who doesn’t like the strawberry pie that travelled in ubers, airplanes and then our car? Yes, me.

And this is the part where I get into trouble, again – about pie!

I took one bite of the strawberry pie and claimed I don’t like it. Let’s just say BW wasn’t happy:

“What???!! I travelled across the country with a freaking pie on my lap and you don’t like it?

So, yeah, there’s that. Trouble for me.

You see in my last post I had stated:

” I don’t care the flavor as long as it meets the requirement of being round!

So when BW was at the counter she thought to herself “I will buy my husband a pie”, because in my last post I said** I liked pies** and because it’s on the internet it must be true.

Who can blame her?

Well… I don’t like cream pies. Or strawberry pies.

And right now, BW doesn’t like me very much. I doubt I will see another pie for a while and you can pretty much bet I will be writing about other topics from now on in.

Moving on…

It’s Spring Here In Buffalo!

We have been sunbathing:

image alt text

And I’ve been saving BW $600 a year by using my solar-powered toy to tame the lawn.

(see BW, I’m good for something )

image alt text

(time for some useless data: my fitbit says it’s 2 miles of walking to mow the lawn)

I had to stop a few times… because of my love of pie. It’s hard work this outdoor labor!

image alt text

Also, see the shed? The one that’s going to eventually fall into the ground thanks to all the bunnies that live under it?

I have been informed that it’s my job to get it reshingled and to **paint it. ** BW said she’d get back at me for not liking that pie and she wasn’t fooling.

We’ve had burgers on our $100 barbeque that with the $40 bucks worth of parts I ordered for it, we hope we can get another year out of before it gets dragged to the curb.

image alt text

So all in all it’s been a pretty good spring here (pie related issues aside) and past few weeks have flown by and April is almost over.

I’m not sure there’s any pie in my near future, but one can hope.

Until next time,

TH and Co.

I Like Pie

Spoiler Alert: I’m in the doghouse with BW

You see, this weekend she went away to some conference in virginia and thedog and I stayed home and worked all weekend cleaning the house.

Look, I have proof:

image alt text

*It’s a rough life. *


Upon her return she brought me a surprise:

image alt text

It’s an apple tart. It looks…well…nice. The way an apple tart might want to look.

This is why I’m in trouble: My response to the tart gift was: ‘meh’.

And boy, was** BW miffed at me**. I got the entire spiel: “I drive 9 hours and bring you home a tart and all you do is complain about how you don’t like tarts!”.

(note to BW: I don’t like tarts)

Folks, I can’t explain the reaction to my lack of reaction other than to say it was not good

## But I like Pie

There’s a family joke that I will eat any pie that is round. I don’t care the flavor as long as it meets the requirement of being round, and most importantly:** that it’s a pie!!!**

And therein lies the rub:

I ‘like’ the tart.

I ‘like’ the fact that BW thought of me and brought me home a treat.


You’re Doing it Wrong

You would think that with a few years of marriage under our belts (and more than a few pies) that when shopping for baked goods for her husband that her default purchase would be…oh, I dunno.. a pie?

But nope. I get a tart.

The tart is okay, but…it’s a tart. It’s **not a pie. **And that my dear readers is my complaint.

I tried to explain to BW that she should think about it this way:

I used electric cars as an example.

She’s all about electrics cars and she wants a tesla so bad she can taste it (I bet it tastes better than this tart)

So I argued that if she could imagine “what if I can home with a Chevy Bolt instead?” I argued.

I mean, it’s **kind of like a tesla ** if you factor in the fact that the only real similarity in the two is the fact that they are both electric cars (the bolt though actually exists, unlike BW’s dream tesla)

BW didn’t appreciate my argument about the electric cars, and even worse is the fact that I have reduced my chances of fresh baked goods coming into the house

So to pay for my sins (and hopefully seen another baked good in my married life)

I will put this on the internet:

**I’m so sorry BW about the tart. It was so thoughtful of you and you are the best wife ever. **

The End.

PS. I like pie better than tarts.

PPS. Thedog likes those little doggie cookies.


TH and friend.

The Week in Review

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since my last post but a lot of stuff can happen in a week so let’s recap:

Some Snow Melted

image alt text

(note parking brake on dog)

A week ago I called in sick (sick of winter) 2 days in a row because we got walloped with almost 2 feet of the stuff:

image alt text

And now, hardly anything left

More Signs of Spring

It’s muddy paw season here:

image alt text

I hate muddy paw season, because no matter how much you try the dig still manages to track stuff into the house. Spring Cleaning over and over and over again. (sigh)

I Saw a Chevy Bolt

I told BW I was going to come home with one (I kid. I like living indoors)

image alt text

They are smaller than I thought they would be. They’re nice looking but I don’t really understand why all car manufacturers that make electric cars make them to look more like concept cars than actual …well, cars.

Tesla’s electric car looks pretty normal, but it’s also too rich for our blood. If you want an interior with a lot of plastic then this is the car for you.

I Got Fingerprinted

Mom would be so proud.

Actually, this is a good thing. I’m applying for citizenship and getting fingerprinted is part of the process. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Now, I wait for an appointment for an interview to open up. In the meantime I’ve got some civics questions to study for my exam.

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday to meeeee……..

image alt text

My favorite mother in law drove all the way to Buffalo to bake me a birtday pie (blueberry!) and also gifted me with a card for Target that I used to stock up on clothes. It’s kind of hard to beat a 2 dollar t-shirt on sale. I’m a good little shopper.

and BW bought me a cake from Wegmans and had it waiting for me after work with a cup of tea.

(BW doesn’t bake because it’s safer for us that way)

image alt text

So, all in all a pretty busy week and a pretty good week. After last week’s snow storm any week without 2 feet of snow is a good one.

Also, there was pie (and cake!)

It Snowed This Week

It’s been a few days since my last update I’m not sure where to start, but let’s get the good news first:

I had a few days off from work because this:

image alt text

We got walloped with a nor’ easter and it was unusally because usually we get spared for the most of it because we’re north of lake erie and we miss out on most lake effect snow storms but not this time! .

But we survived.

At Least There Was Pie

Before the Storm:

image alt text

After the storm:

image alt text

But the storm did take us by surprise, (I was also surprised that BW bought me a pie) and there was bit of shoveling that had to happen because my car was just a little buried:

image alt text

Meanwhile… BW’s Car?

Oh she gets the garage where her car is nice and snow free and toasty warm. Because, pecking order.

image alt text

Luckily I had some help with all my shoveling:

image alt text

Actually, the dog was a good help during the storm as she herded BW in the back forty on the way back from the compost bin:

image alt text

And by the end of the day our little helper was pretty much toast:

image alt text

But at least we were able to turn up the heat.

Oh, wait…

image alt text

This is a photo of a furnace that won’t fire and needed a $300 cash infusion. (at least we found the christmas cup)..

So I asked google for a recommendation for heating and air conditioning company and I found a great guy who was fast, friendly and reasonable for the repair and we now have heat again.

We’ve got BW’s mom here up for a few days and she drove six hours just to bake me a pie!! (ok, and maybe visit her daughter) but also: THERE’S PIE !!!

To summarize boy, are we glad the week is over. We survived 2 feet of snow and a furnace out in the past few days, so now we are really ready for for spring (I’m not sure I’m ready for the spring chores though).

In the meantime, we had to bring a bit of spring indoors:

image alt text

Until next time…

TH and Co!

Bread Pudding Gone Wild

BW and baking are usually not a good ‘mix’.

Last night, BW decided she need to make bread pudding. I won’t touch the stuff becasue soggy bread isn’t really my thing but she likes it.

Bread goes in oven. She goes up the computer for a bit and then comes down to check on it and I hear:

“Whoa! It’s not supposed to look like this!!!

image alt text

I will let you decide if this is bread pudding to you.