Nerd Day

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Not every post can be about how wonderful BW is and this one of them.

Wait, let me rephrase that: BW, you ARE wonderful but it’s just that this post won’t be to your liking. ( Whew, that was close)

Anyway, the past day or two I’ve been in nerd heaven at home here exploring new software and the like and I just have to share this:

It’s called Pi-Hole and it’s software intended to be installed on a raspberry pi and then connected to your router. It then only allows your computer to call from known servers and not ad servers.

And wow! I forgot how fast the web could be before it got ruined with ads. I’m not so much against some webmaster with a few ads that makes him/her some money. It’s just that some have really gone to town with the advertising and tracking and I don’t need to know that 1 easy step to lose belly fat.

Here’s an example:

With Ads

Without Ads

Pages load much faster when you’re just loading the content and not all the ads.

I didn’t have a raspberry pi, but I did have an old laptop that could act as an ad blasting computer and now every device on our network doesn’t see an ad ever.

Total cost to zap internet ads : Nothing.

Anker Bluetooth Headphones

This was an impulse buy.

I bought them when I was at Lowes buying the blinds for our new family room makeover and as they were half price marked down to $14.99 from $39.99 I figured what the heck, I can use them for listening to podcasts when I walk the dog.

Turns out, they’re much better than I expected. They connect right away, and the battery life seems to not be a problem for my use case and they stay in my ears. A neat feature is they have magnets on the back and when you connect them not only does it prevent tangles but it also turns the headphones off.

These are great. Buy Them

Mood Lighting

I found some LED strip lights on ebay for ten bucks and thought I might as well try them and put them behind the TV and see how they look. Turns out, they work pretty well and even came with a remote control for brightness and colors. They plug directly into the TV for power too so when the TV gets turned off so do the lights.


It seems I got a raise at work.

Have a great weekend. 🙂

One Day at a Time

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Happy New Year Everybody.

If I have one resolution it’s to try and write a bit more here, and share some photos. I keep thinking I have to wait until I have some great novel composed or we have to go on great adventures before I have something to write about.

But then I don’t write at all and I regret that so maybe this is the year that this all changes and I actually get an audience of more than about five readers. Or…not. We shall see.

The photo you see is the view from my ‘office’ at work. It was a little cold out for the first day of the year and it looks to stay cold for the remainder of the week.

Lastly, the other resolution I have is to eat more pie. Hope your 2018 will be a great one. 🙂

Keep Warm.

TH, and Co.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Now that Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, I guess I better update this site with all the things that have been going on here this summer. BW has had me so busy  I have not found any time to write.  Mostly this is just a photo dump, but there’s a story or two as well… Here goes.

Let’s start with pie shall we?

My MIL came and visited andwe went apple picking and let me tell you that she really outdid herself this time. Fresh pie from fresh apples baked in a deep dish cast iron frying pan.

OMG. Deleicious. This really was the summer of pie. I have the waistline to prove it.


Apple picking is pretty easy, as all you have to do is send your wife up a tree and down comes the apples (some on my head).

wife in tree

but look at our haul! That’s more than enough for pie.


It got a  little hot at work

global warming


Speaking of work, when I work Saturdays I leave the house with coffee pre-brewed for BW so she doesn’t have to stumble out to the kitchen and make coffee all by herself. She might hurt herself.

what rhymes with coffee?


Sparkle Toes


If there was a theme for this summer, it would be decaupage all the things! And let me tell you BW did not let us down. She made star wars shoes, and emoticon shoes and some other types too there were so many to list here but there’s a good chance that you now own a pair of sparkly toed shoes just like these over the top numbers for a six year old.

Plasti Dip All the Things!

I shouldn’t tease BW too much about her crafts because I thought it would be a good idea to paint over my keyboard with plasti-dip to see what it looks like. I think it looked neat but it was actually too grippy to type on. Also, numbers on keys are a good thing it turns out.

Luckily, the stuff peels off l so no harm in trying.



The Table

OMG. The table.

Let me tell you a story about this table.

One  night I come in the door from work and MIL and BW tell me that we need to replace our kitchen table.

“I like our table”, I state hoping that that will be the end of it –  because: change.  Also, this is the table I wooed BW at and probably the only table in all my life where I’ve eaten at the longest. All this to say that I did not get need for a new table. We had one. Sure, it was dumpy but it was fine.

It was our table. 

But the ladies would not let this table thing go. There was talk about having some custom table built and lots of googling and measuring and shopping the rest of the weekend.

You see, there was a reason for a new table – we were going to have guests in about a month and the powers that be decided that it would be nice to have a new table that would fit everybody, which I will admit is something that our current table lacked – real estate.

So the pressure was on to get a new table. I didn’t want to have  to have a deadline to get a new table to keep the ladies happy. Once you have a table it’s not that easy to get rid of a table. It’s not like a computer where if I don’t like it I can buy it and sell it with ease. Tables are big and expensive.

Fast forward to 2 days before the big event. And we have no table still. I’m okay with this.

But 2 days before BW and I decided to go for ice cream in the new and up and coming part of Buffalo (who knew there was such a thing?) and on the way home she said “Stop, I want to go here.”

In we go and I mosey to the back of the store and lo and behold there it is. The perfect table.

Or, as I like to call it – the just in time table:



As you can see it’s a very nice table. BW likes the mid century modern look and all things considered it’s a fine table. There’s room for guests, and most importantly of all my MIL is happy, and she’s the baker of all the pies and that’s important.  I can’t cut off my pie supply.

So we partied at our just in time table,  and even the dog got into the act:



Now that we had the table we could part, and boy did we. We had cupcakes…IMG_20170718_220233521

and birthday cake:


and my favorite: Apple Pie Empanadas!


and it would not be a party without pie.!  IMG_20170720_202853341

and hey look at that! everybody fits! Everybody all close together.

So ya. The table. It’s fine.  It nice enough to be a good table but also old enough that we can use it as any everyday table.


Oh, I have just one rule in regards to this table:




The Laundry Tub.

This, my friends is another story that’s worth telling.

You see, the laundry tub as shown was purchased. It was tossed into the garage with the hope of my friend installing it. And, as I have written before, he has his own list. And his own wife. So…ya. The thing hung around in the garage for a year.

Eventually, BW had had enough and as I have become the official problem solver, it was up to me to get this thing installed.

I went to, filled out the forms and told them I wanted a sink installed and I got quoted $129 for the first 2 hours and then $89 thereafter. How long could this take?

I guess my first hint was when I got the text from the first guy they found and he never showed after I showed him I wanted. That should have been the sign. Then they sent poor Tom over and both Tom nor I knew what we were getting into.

He thought he was going to do a quickie bathroom sink install and then get out of dodge. Ha!

Long story short, it took us 5 hours to get this baby installed including 4 trips to the hardware store, once we even sent BW to get a part. Hey, this was here idea.

So, I present to you the most expensive laundry tub ever.

But BW’s happy so there’s that. Also we can now wash the dog blankets and other goopy stuff.


She is a Horticultural Hero

No spell check required.

Despite the minor spelling mistakes, I have to say that BW did very well with the garden and flowers this year.  She made a sign honoring her grandmother and for some flowers we almost needed to get bigger pots for ’em.


The tomatoes are worth a story. You see, last year BW started composting and this spring we tossed the dirt from the compost into the garden up front and lo and behold we were know growing mini tomatoes in our front garden. I mentioned to BW that when we were trying to actually grow a garden, we could not get anything to grow. But when we toss some dirt in the front year we grow these beauties.


up next…

The Stair – Master

The dog went and twisted it’s leg and has been limping along on 3 for most of the summer . She’s better now and can use all four for all but the fastest of runs but for a few days this summer yours truly was in charge of lifting the dog up and down the stairs.  It would go like this:


  1. Dog looks at Stairs
  2. Dog looks at me
  3. Dog looks at stairs
  4. Dog looks at me.
  5. repeat

Until finally I would give in and slug the dog around the house wherever she wanted to go. BW better take care of me in my old age when it’s my turn to go up and down the stairs. Just saying.




10,000 Tampons

Go ahead and re-read those two words I just wrote above. I will wait.

Now, I don’t know about you but in my day to day life the words “10,0000” an  “Tampons” usually are not in my everyday vocabulary.

Unless, you are married to BW.


First, some backstory.  It started with this:

What the hell is that? – you asked?

Earlier this summer BW  said that she would start a project to have a few boxes of feminine products outside her office door to be used by her students. Sound like a great idea, I said. And it was. An old TV tray of ours and some office supplies and couple boxes of tampons and fake flowers and there you go – BW’s Tampon Center.

End of the summer, she  brings it to school.

Then the School found out.

“It would intimidate the men”, they said, and repo’d it.

Want to know what intimidates men? A freaking WALL of TAMPONS that’s what!

The college should know by now that you don’t mess with BW – especially with topics like these. And especially when she has an idea. Now that I think of it I should have warned the college.

Back to the story..

The college confiscated her little TV tray with some crap about them getting stolen or intimidating the men. So BW went home, and complained on facebook to her friends. Then she started a little Amazon wish list thinking she would get a few boxes bought by friends and family… at the most.


BW and her little project went (semi, anyway) viral and before long I was getting updates from BW: “Now I have 400 Tampons”

Then it was 800, and then 2200 and three thousand. At 4000 I suggested to BW she call the school and warn them that there’s thousands of tampons soon to arrive.  I’m told the call went like this:

“Hello, Deans office”

“Hello, Nancy – it’s BW. I have 4000 tampons coming to the school”

“Hello, Nancy – are you there?”

So yeah. 10,0000 tampons. The college pretty much have to give in. If they only okay’d the little TV tray above this all would not have happened.

But now, due to BW’s persistence and a little help from her friends, there are now ‘tampon centers’ in all the ladies rooms in her building with plans to expand this program to the rest of the college (eventually)

But probably the best part of the story is that she got notes from women who she never met who bought her some supplies for her little project and sent a note along with saying how glad they are to participate and that BW is awesome.

Heck, she even made it into the college paper. 

It’s worth the read just to read her quote – trust me.



Until next time,

TH and co.

Catching Up

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It’s been so busy, with so much stuff to share, rather than write just a little post this will be the mega mid summer catching up post. I have stories to tell, and photos too.

The Vacation

I will start with the vacation – even though it’s been close to 2 months, I still want to write about it and dump some photos. Last we left off, I we had just arrived. 

Beach Day

The following day we went to the beach:

Our first stop was for breakfast at Bob’s which was a hole in the wall but apparently one of the best breakfast joints in Mobile Alabama. Their slogan is “on the corner of fat and happy” and after all the eating we did that’s a pretty good summary of what we ate. I had a bacon sandwich which was okay –  about what you could expect from a BLT.

After our breaky, it was time for the beach.  I’m not a sun and sand kid but BW wanted to go. I was fine it turned out as we rented an umbrella to hide from the sun so I plopped my butt in the chair, and watched my wife swim in the ocean. I had drinks, nachos and a book so I was good.   I did dip my toes into the ocean so technically I went “swimming”

On the way home we found a fruit stand and stopped for a few minutes to pick up a few things and then back ‘home’ we went so I could make dinner.  You see, we are now addicted to blue apron as they offer the much needed variety in the food that BW likes and I can follow instructions well so I “cook”. BW arranged to have the box of food delivered to the apartment so we wouldn’t eat out all the time. 

As I was looking out the window into the back yard, our hosts had a few chickens in the back yard and the owner had left the gate open so I watched as a chicken made a run for it. Turns out, that these chickens don’t travel very far and later when we went out we found the chicken in the front yard.

After dinner it was time for a bike ride as they had bikes we could use at the rental so  we biked a few blocks down the very green neighbourhood  to go get a scoop of ice cream.

There’s a reason that I haven’t been on bicycle for some 40 years.  They say that  it’s “just like riding a bike”. Let me tell you, it’s a saying and not true at all. I fell off.

I told BW  that this was the one and only time I’m biking. I like the couch better.

Where are we Going?

After our busy day on Monday at the beach we took advantage of the fact that it was rainy and we caught up on laundry and other things we needed to do like eat and nap

After I got up from our nap, BW tells me she has a surprise for me and I am just going to have to get into the car – no questions asked.

“Are we going to the strippers?”, I ask?

“No”, she replied.

“The Apple Store?”


“Well then, that’s all I got”, I said and I have no idea what this suprise thing is all about. I now know how the dog feels –  you’re told to get into the car and you have no idea where your final destination

Turns out that when on holiday, your wife will get you a massage!

And OMG was it great! This lady knew her stuff and she was jumping on me and twisting me in ways I never knew I could bend.  I came out of there  feeling like I had melted, and gone to heaven.


After that we went to Wintzell’s Oyster House  and had a platter of oysters. If you ask me they were over priced and over-rated . Also, probably really bad for you. We decided to share a sampler platter and there was so much stuff on them that you really could not taste them as they had so much stuff on them. We essntially bought potato skins, but with oysters as the base instead.

Not really my cup of tea.


New Orleans or Bust

As we were so close to New Orleans (about 2 hours) it seemed a shame not to go – so on Wed we hit the highway and went to New Orleans.

The traffic was light as you would expect it to be mid-week and we had no problems getting there or even finding parking.

Our first stop was for a cup of coffee and bit of a bite and although we parked closer to the highway rather than closer to the action we were about twenty minutes walk so we decided to stop for latte and a treat before we went further.

Then we mosied down to the action and on the way BW saw a pair of gotta-have hand painted John Fluevog shoes, but thankfully they didn’t have her size so we left without. If she really needs thenm they have a store in Toronto or she can order them online. They did have a neat pair of boots for me though but I left them in the store.

And we did find  bourbon street and the street vendors and all the other touristy stuff but I think we had the most fun just wandering around the french quarter where it seemed to be much quieter and the architecture interesting and colorful.

We did hit Felixes for lunch and BW had the oysters and I had the jumbalya. I think BW’s oysters would have been the better choice. She said they weren’t very tasty. Yes, they tasted like the beach but.. they were so-so. But when in New Orleans you need to have oysters so mission accomplished.

To be honest, we liked Mobile better, so after a few hours we went home and were home by later in the afternoon.

We had an agreement where we would try to eat out every other night as it’s pricey but also we had a blue apron box in the fridge, and to be honest some of the meals were just as good as eating out and yet about half the price.

Another episode of house of cards and we were out.

The Last Beach Day

my sanctuary

BW wanted to hit the beach. I agreed, as long as we could go to MudBugs one more time before we had to go home. It was a deal.


So, once again we placed our umbrella in the scenic location next to the garbage can and as before I just ate and read books.

BW was more adventurous and wanted to leave the shady sanctuary I had set up and so she ventured out to the ocean.

Want to know what’s in the ocean? Jellyfish!

Want to know what BW got bitten by?

So, it wouldn’t be a holiday without an injury – check.  Turns out that after a bit of googling there wasn’t much she could do but deal with it so she just duked it out. Thankfully the pain and itchyness stopped in a few hours so by dinnertime she was mostly fine.

One last trip for crawfish and then to WalMart for snacks for the road and to gas up the car and we were set for our drive home. Except for the trip home we were done.

the last trip up the stairs

Homeward Bound

We drove 11 hours and we’re still speaking to each other. I would call that a success. 🙂

Actually the drive wasn’t all that bad. We stopped in Knoxville Tennesse and were going to go for burgers but it was friday night in the hipster part of town (I think I was the only guy without a beard) so screw that. We lucked out, found free parking and thanks to Yelp we found some ramen at a bar of all places. It was just what we needed as we had more driving to do to get to our accommodations for the night in Hinton West Virginia

Want to see the fancy accomodations we had?

We stayed in a trailer in West Virgina! I don’t think I can be more adventurous.  Actually, to be fair it was a very nice and cozy accommodation for us as we were only there to sleep. It was as if we went back in time.

In the morning while BW was in the shower  I wandred around the town (all 2 blocks of it) and then we found a really nice place for breakfast. They were really nice and we had coffee and steamed milk. Although not really a breakfast place, she whipped some BLT’s for us. It was a pleasant surprise and much better than fast food we thought we might have to resort to.

Into the car we went to our  next stop – Lunch! (it seems our entire vacation was scheduled around the eating more than the doing).

All BW talked about the entire trip was the BBQ. Woodburn Shanks BBQ Pit was where we ended up and it was really nice. I’m not sure it would be worth the drive, but BW had different ideas so happy wife…

Back in the car we went after lunch and then before you knew it were were home. Let the laundry begin.


You know, I have had this post simmering for a few weeks now thinking that i would get more time/inspiration to write but that hasn’t been the case. It’s been so busy here this summer that you would think we were the Trump administration and it’s been hard to keep up with all the summer’s events.

So for now, I will leave all my four readers with some vacation pics and I hope to be back soon to fill you in on the rest of the excitement here.

Until next time…

TH and Co.






When in Doubt, Delegate

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I had been avoiding this for some time but BW stated that if I did not do something with this shed then there would be no eating for me. ( I wonder if she really means it?)

So, I promised that the four days I had off I would ‘fix’ the shed.

The plan was to shingle and paint the shed you see above and despite the fact that I did not have any experience with shingles ( I have lots of painting experience) and a fear of heights there was no way that I would be able to escape this to-do list on the fridge. It was happening.

We went to Lowes where we were all ready to buy paint and supplies but then as we were walking into the store we saw this:


Consider that:

  • I have never shingled before
  • I am not real good with power tools
  • I like easy

I managed to convince bw that it would be just as easy to just get rid of the old shed rather than spend the money to fix the old one as the price difference between shingles and paint and all the extras that always seemed to be needed and price-wise this isn’t really all that more expensive.

Also, the shed was on sale too.

So, I like easy. BW likes me, and we’re getting a new shed. Seems good, right?

Then when home I came to the realization that I would have to get rid of the shed.

Turns out that this is more complicated than I thought. I would need a ladder, some power tools, a dumpster for the driveway to take it away, and god knows what else. What have I done?


The next morning I emptied out the old shed of all the crap we had in it and most of it went to the garbage bin. You would be surprised what you don’t need.


We kept BW’s old bike, the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow and the tools and shovels. The shovels and stuff found a new home in the garage with a hanger that was in the old shed that was not getting used. So I re-painted the hanger with some krylon and ta-da! We now have organized shovels and stuff.


Back to the shed:

Shed is empty – check

Shed needs to go – check

New shed ordered – check

Now all I had to do was to figure out how I was going to get rid of it without injury?

I know, I thought: I will give it away!

Enter craigslist. I posted an ad and some photos that stated:

Free shed.

You must dismantle and take away.

Shed is in good shape, but needs shingles and paint

Contents not included

Then ten minutes later the phone rang. Somebody wanted the shed, and they were on the way to pick it up.

BW now thinks I am a genius.

Sure enough, about a half an hour later a young guy shows up with a trailer and his girlfriend, and starts to dismantle the shed. I offered to help but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it – so fine – BW and I drank cold drinks on the deck while the shed got dismantled, and not by me. 🙂

It took the poor fellow all day to get the roof off (admittedly the trickiest part) but he did and then the next day he came right back and got the walls and other bits and off he went. He’s happy he has a shed for a workshop and I’m happy that I have no shed and a happy wife.


The dog watched our shed drive off into the sunset.


Then came the next part: building the shed.


It turns out the box was a little bigger than we thought. The sales guy at the store suggested we rent a pickup truck and take it home. We decided to have it delivered and I am glad we did because holy smokes – it weighs close to 400 lbs. There would be no way BW and I could move that.

Now that I’ve got the shed up next is to get the floor prepped for the new one, and I am good to go.

The actual building of the shed took me about 8 hours or so. Of course, I got halfway building it and realized that I had put a part for the roof in upside down and thuderstorm while I was installing the roof was poorly timed as well.

Also, there’s always extra screws – right?


But I did it. I promised BW I would take care of the shed and I did:


And I think it looks a lot better than our old one too. And, it’s smaller so we can’t get more crap into it. It will hold our lawn furniture and our push mower and wheelbarrow so we’re good.

A few notes:

  1. People will take anything if it’s free. This is not the first time I had somebody else come get my crap
  2. I had painted the platform with some leftover paint from the garage, but now that I see it I need to re-paint a brown. The gray isn’t working.
  3. The plan for the rest of the space is to get BW a little greenhouse so she can get a start on her garden for next year.
  4. And some landscaping needs done around the edges

As a bonusI realized I had some metal shelves in the shed that I didn’t even know existed. So I painted them up and installed them in the garage. I also found an old light too so I hung that in the garage so BW can see when she’s doing her crafts.

The garage needs to be cleaned up a bit, but that’s next on the list.


And there we are. The summer of the shed is over but don’t worry as BW still has lots of other stuff for me to do.

Are You Ever Going To Blog Again?

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That’s what BW asked me the other day.

So ya, it’s been a while and I have stories to tell.

Last time when I left you we had just arrived at our vacay destination and then I left all my readers hanging and this led BW to ask the question above.

But, I have an excuse ( I always do).

So yes it’s true that we have back from our vacation for some time now but I have been busy so there’s that. You see,every Wednesday since I have been back has been “wake up and paint something wednesday” and I have to tell you I have done a lot of painting. Or at least it seems that way.


I painted the deck:

And now that we have some lawn furniture on it and BW has been busy with the flowers, our little abode has been shaping up the last few weeks:

And then once I got that all painted the next was the garage floor:





So there’s that. I also have some other news and goings on to share but first…

Our Vacation

We had just arrived in Mobile Alabama when I last wrote and once we landed late Saturday night we didn’t do much but plop ourselves into bed after being in the car so long but it’s a small world because the first thing I saw was that the previous guests at our AirBnB rental left a souvenir:


It’s a small world sometimes,

The following day, Sunday was pretty lazy day as we had no plans really. BW wanted to go to the beach on Sunday but I suggested we hold off so we avoid the crowds so that’s what we did.

BW did really well in picking the spot for our little getaway.


This spot had all the things you would need including a kitchen and all the goodies you would need like pots and pans etc. In fact, BW had our blue apron box of the week sent to Mobile so we had some home-cooked meals and didn’t eat out all the time. She’s smart like that.

But we still ate our way across Mobile, to be sure.

One of the strangest things I learned that was I like to eat crawfish (who knew?)


We actually had to ask some nice young fellows on how the heck do you eat these things? They were nice enough to show us how and so we shared the feast you see above. I liked it so much that I convinced BW to take me back later in the week.

The restaurant was called Mud Bugs and I think it was a great time considering what they served. They also had a rule that if you showed up at the counter to order with your phone they wouldn’t serve you and call somebody else.

After stuffing our faces we went Downtown to check out locals and it seems they have a little fort in downtown mobile so we went and did and saw fort-y things.




They had a downtown museum on display as well of the history of Mobile as well so we checked out how the locals used to live:


And dressed:


By the time we saw all the sights it was getting late (or dinner time ) and so we went ‘home’ made dinner, watched a Netflix and because we are older we were in bed very early.

We did notice that the week we were there you could count on a thunderstorm every day at 4 for about 20 mins and then it was back to sunshine.


That’s all for now. I don’t want to write too big an an article and have my photos not upload so I will stop here for now but at least it’s a start.

Up Next: Beach Day!

Space Cadets

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Now that we had over 2/3 of the driving done, I was packing up the car in the morning  at a leisurely pace when I noticed that our car didn’t really fit in with the locals:

Big Trucks are Big in Kentucky.

But we didn’t have time to lollygag too much because we still had all of Tennessee and Alabama  to get through but we did have time for some stops and adventures

Let’s Go to the Space Museum!


So off we go the space museum in Huntsville Alabama which was about 2.5 hours south.

insert more driving here

But first, lunch. We had wanted to go get some soul food at this little hole in the wall, but it was closed, but  we did find farmburger which was really good. As usual, I just had a plain old burger and fries but BW had a burger with all the fixings:


and then once we had our burgers off to the space center we went. But before I share our adventures at the space center  I need to tell a quick story about BW losing stuff.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the space center we decided that BW would be the one to carry wallets/keys/etc so she went to get her laptop bag and use it as a shoulder bag.

Lo and behold, what did she find?

Somebody stole my iPhone! …oh, wait. never mind. 

You see, last January just after BW went on the hook for 2 years for a brand new iPhone 7 she called me in a panic at the airport while she was coming home from a conference in Denver.

“Jimmy, somebody stole my iphone!”

I went online and tracked it and we thought it was gone because the tracking showed it went from the airport to some seedy airport bar across the street. I wiped it remotely and we both realized that it was probably gone for good.

As luck would have it, I had her mothers’ older phone on my desk as I was supposed to sell it on eBay and didn’t get around to it yet so I just went to the Verizon store  and had them de-activate the lost model and activate the new one where I met BW at the airport with her brand new old iPhone.

Then. As you can already guess by the photo.. guess what BW found in her bag? Her  thought-to-be stolen iPhone 7! Woo Hoo. (I still have questions about how the phone showed it was at a bar across the street, but whatever.)

This bag I tell you is magic. Last week, BW called me in a panic (notice a theme here?) that when she got to the border to go to Canada and she could not find her nexus card.

Guess what she found the other day in this bag? Yup, the nexus card.

The problem with this bag is that there are too many pockets and BW (obviously by now) keeps on losing stuff in them.

Anyway. Crisis (s) averted. We have her iPhone 7. It’s all good.  At least now we are making payments on a phone we still possess now.

Onward and upwards to

Space Photos!

The space center was actually nicer and more fun than I expected. Lots of interesting stuff to look at and learn about..

after we walked on the moon’s surface and avoided the gift shop attractions (actually, BW bought a mug) and saw what we could see at the center we then drove the remainder of the way to Mobile Alabama.

And finally, we had arrived here in Mobile.


until next time..


Hampton Inn or Bust

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Well, she did it.

BW managed to get my sorry rear end off the couch, into the Honda and on our way for week without students or silverados to think about and now that  we have arrived, I must say we are having a very good time. 

Are We There Yet?

Friday morning we were on the road at 8am and started the loooong drive to Alabama. It was only a few hours into it when we decided that stopping for a break might be a good idea, so dear readers I present to you pee stop number 1:

I have to pee

This is where BW got to pet a dog and I was able to stretch my legs for a bit and then back on the road we were with the final destination of the day  being Bowling Green Kentucky for a night at the Hampton Inn. 

But between us and the inn was  lot of driving ahead of us so we just drove and drove and enjoyed the many sights that the great american road trip has to offer us :

BW says it’s too late for me

and then we finally arrived in Louisville and had some excellent Mexican Food at El Taco Luchador which we would have never have found if it was not for  Yelp.  That app along with Google Maps has pretty much saved our bacon this trip.

Torta Heaven

After dinner, we hopped back in the car, booked into the hotel and collapsed.

to  be continued…