In the Spring

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I  have a new strategy when it comes to dealing with BW.

BW says that we (ie: me) have to do something and I reply “In the Spring”

Take today for instance, BW comes downstairs and tells me that the trim in the bathroom needs fixed. Okay, I reply ” In the Spring”

I’ve done this a few times now and I think I have a few reasons:

  1. My middle initial is P. As in Procrastination
  2. BW seems to be okay with this answer
  3. It buys me time. I don’t have to get off the couch.

Also, spring is vague time frame. Spring could be March 21 or June 30th. So depending on how you look at it I have anywhere from six weeks of not doing anything to over 3 months 🙂

Lastly, I figure I get a break. My last project came in under budget and ahead of time so I figure that I might as well go with this stall tactic  as far as I can as it seems to be working.


Now all I have to do is get her used to the idea that it’s best to do stuff in the summer.




At Least There’s Pie

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It’s pie night! We have 2 (now one) home made pies in the freezer for cold winter nights and even though it’s not the blizzard of ’77 there’s snow on the ground and that’s close enough for us.

Speaking of snow…

Now is the time I think that you finally get sick of it. And you know what? We have only had a little bit of snow this year. There was a few days a week ago when I was able to wear light sneakers to work.

Not today – we got hit with about 4 inches or so. Not too bad, but the traffic today was just no fun whatsoever getting to work this morning so it’s times like these where you check the temperature of warmer climes.

It was 56 degrees in SF this morning at 6am EST. Still sweater weather, but much better than wearing all my sweaters which is what I did today.

So we wait. And Hope. Because surely spring must be around the corner.

In the meantime I will eat Pie.

If They Have to Tell You It’s Premium

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It probably isn’t.

I was in a 2012 Honda Civic tonight and right on the console above the radio was written in big letters: Premium Stereo Sound

Let’s just clarify:  I was in a Honda. A base Civic. Not a Lexus, Beemer even the Honda premium brand  – Acura.

If I was in one of those brands then one might expect since you’re riding around in  a car worth about the same as my house one would expect the radio to sound nice and a brand might be associated with the sound like Bose, Harmon Kardon, etc.

But I was in a Civic. How premium could one expect or even want? I think that my requirements in a car stereo would be that it works, has a volume knob (I hate push buttons) and because it’s 2018 – bluetooth.

The rest doesn’t matter

This must work though. I mean Honda (and others) have been at it for a while so surely somebody in marketing said “Be sure to get that premium sound screen printed on the dashboard” at some meeting.

I wonder if this works?

Do people read their dashboard and feel better knowing they shelled out the big bucks and the dash has some words to remind you how the stereo sounds? Shouldn’t the stereo  have to prove itself like the rest of the car?

You don’t see the tires printed with letters on them that state that they offer premium grip, or how about the steering wheel? – would the lettering on that be ” premium circular shape” for extra control.

Or what about the rest of the dashboard? The heater and a/c controls don’t get any respect either. There was not a word about them anywhere and if it were my choice, I would much rather have heat than a stereo.  If the stereos’ broken I can hum, but if the heat doesn’t work I freeze to death.

It all seems silly to me that we’re so influence by brands and also what the brands say. If my made in china shirt has a logo then it’s fashion. If the same shirt comes in a six pack I picked up from target then it’s of lesser quality?

Perhaps I’m not the market for an entry level Honda and that the people they market to want to be told the stereo is good – I don’t know.

What I do know that you can’t always believe what’s on the label.

How to Start Your Monday

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I thought I would write up a guide on how to start your day on Mondays.

The very first thing you want to do is to not leave with too much time. (need more coffee). You want your Monday stress -filled right from the start so be sure to leave with just enough time to get to work as if the sun was shining and there was zero traffic. Also, Google says the traffic is okay and you’ll be fine.

Then go outside and realize that you still have to deal with with this:

I had not planned on this

Also, Google Maps just updated and hahahaha you’re screwed. There’s a 12 minute slowdown on your way to work, she tells you. Your commute keeps getting longer and longer with each update from the big G.

It doesn’t matter that you just checked five minutes ago and all seemed fine. Now, you’re hosed. You will never make it to work on time.

That’s how you start a Monday.

ps. You get extra points if you can de-ice the car in 3 minutes flat.

All This Screaming and Yelling

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one of the quieter moments

My mission today: find a way for BW to watch the Super Bowl –  preferably for free.

It turns out you can watch it for free with the Amazon fire stick.

So…BW is downstairs yelling at the TV. As I write this at half-time her team is winning.

I think.

She’s the sports fan, not me. I like the commercials.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know what’s going on either.

As it’s getting late and there’s still another half of this,  I’m not going to wait up and see how this all ends as I have my own team to cheer on.



Printer Hell

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You would think that if Elon can make electric cars and rockets and gosh know what else that somehow mankind would make a printer that just works. 

I have been through more printers than I care to recount but I bet I have spent thousands over my lifetime of computing and with each one I think that maybe this will be the printer. 

Want to know what? They are all crap.

Wasn’t it supposed to be that computers and the internet was supposed to be replacing the use of paper as well?  There was the information highway and that new technology: email. I guess that didn’t happen and now years and years later people are still swearing at their printers like I was today.

BW was leaving the house, and I asked her to wait until I could print a label and tape it to a box so she could save me a trip to the post office. Do you think my printer would play nice? Nope.

It took me hours to get my printer working today. HOURS

I have mixed emotions about my current printer. It’s a Canon and it’s fine I guess. It’s 4 years old now an  still going strong. It’s a pain in the ass to get it connected to wifi as you have to press a button on the printer, run upstairs and press another button  on the router and then run downstairs to confirm that you pressed the button upstairs.

Meanwhile, Elon is launching rockets somewhere.

I ended up getting my one page I needed to print on BW’s printer. I was this close to thowing my current printer out the window when it decided it would play nice after many, many trips downstairs and upstairs playing the ‘button game’.

BW has a much newer and  nicer printer and it’s on sale so I was tempted to just go and buy myself a new one  as hers seems to work just fine  and has more bells and whistles, but one thing that stopped me was the fact that I had one more ink cartridge in a box ready to go for my current printer.  But I wanted to make sure my printer was actually going to either work or not before I opened a $40.00 inkjet refill and put it in a printer that didn’t work.

I don’t have much need for a printer most days anyway so even though my printer is persnickety to get setup for the most part it works fine, so if this printer can last until my new ink cartridge runs out I will be happy. Then, maybe I will go printer shopping.

The best printer I had was a dot matrix printer that – although noisy as all hell worked the best of the bunch. One would think that with new printer technology they would have figured out how to fix this problem of having printers that just work.

I’ll call Elon. Maybe he has some ideas..



Ground Hog Day

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If there has to be a silly ‘holiday’ I think that groundhog day wins the prize. First, it’s not a holiday. Second – do you really trust the weather predictions of a groundhog? I know that sometimes the meteorologists can’t do much better – but still.

Speaking of wild animals, I often say that the dog is a ‘wild animal’. BW doesn’t think so and she thinks that the dog is just fine thankyourverymuch and is a well trained beast.

But sometimes you gotta wonder.

Take today for instance:

I come home, pull up to the house and the dog is on the front porch. That’s odd. Because one does not leave animals outside when it’s this cold and also: the dog is not supposed to be out on the front yard without adult supervision (because, wild animal)

Turns out BW had just collected some boxes from the porch and dog snuck out for a minute to sniff a tree – so no big deal. I parked the car and let the dog in.

But while I was parking the car it was running around the car which makes it difficult to park said car when you can’t see where the (again, wild) animal is as it does laps around a moving vehicle.

A non-wild animal would not be doing this. It would be inside watching netflix where it’s warm – not barking at random stuff or people that pass by our house in the dead of winter or barking it’s head off while you try to park the car.

So, now I have a question for you dear reader:

Considering I found the dog on the front porch when I came home…does that mean it will be an early spring?

One can hope. Happy GroundHog Day!


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It’s payday here.

And that means we get to buy food, because where did all the food go?

In the olden days of yore we would actually go to the grocery store, find the stuff we wanted to eat and then check out with it, load the car and unload the car and put away.

But that’s so 2000’s. We’re in the age of the internet so fast forward to today.

BW wakes up.

BW checks bank balance.

BW fires up the instacart app and orders groceries online.

BW goes back to bed while she waits for the groceries to show up at the door.

I remember when getting chinese food delivered was a big deal. Now we get all the food delivered.

And I have e to tell you, it’s worth it to have somebody else do your shopping. I think we save money this way on our grocery bill too because BW stays away from the expensive cheese and brings home 50 bucks worth of fancy cheeses.

This doesn’t mean we never set foot in a store, because: milk but it sure does cut down on the impulse purchases.

The cost is reasonable. There is a five dollar delivery fee and a 10% fee on the total. Essentially it’s the same as a tip on a nice meal out but for the same money we get many nice meals at home which taste better, are healthier and include snacks too .

Lastly, they deliver pie. It’s a dream come true.

The Dollar Store

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I have fallen in love with our local dollar store.

It wasn’t always like this, and when I was younger and more impressionable and more aware and interested in logos and fashion I would never go to a dollar store because: ewww..

But something changed. I am older and cheaper now and the Dollar Store is one of my most visited places (well, besides Best Buy). In fact If I had Target, a Dollar Store and eBay I could probably get everything I wanted at these few locations.

But it turns out I am a Dollar Store snob. I only go to the Dollar General. One opened on the Island and it’s much better than the previous one that was there. (not sure of the name).

One would think that it would not be the wisest choice to open a dollar store at the same location of a Dollar Store that just closed and went out of business and I have to tell you the Dollar General is the bomb.

I’m not the only one that thinks so.

I don’t buy a lot of stuff there, but it’s great for little things. I have bought tea lights, cardboard boxes for mailing, chocolate bars and pop. Oh, and winter gloves recently.

If I had to say my favorite part it’s the food. I only go there because they have brand of nachos I like but the part that amazes me the most is the drink selection.

If I want a Coke, I can get it in an 8 oz aluminum bottle, glass bottle, or a if I’m really thirsty or need a sugar high then there’s the big large cans that are are larger than life. It comes by the case or you can buy singles either room temperature or cold. If you want a pop or drink there’s a very good chance you can buy it at the dollar store.

I’ve come home with the big cans of coke – complete with huge US flag printed on the side and BW has said “You don’t need that” – and she’s right, but it was the holidays so I figure what the heck.

But my favorite reason is the smaller cans of pop. I’m from Canada where everything is a bit smaller and I really don’t want to cough up 2 bucks for a huge can of pop. 8oz is fine and it costs only a dollar. Coke is not the best thing for you but if I want one, I want a small dose and not a can that has the same dimensions as a Chevy Spark.

The problem is that if I keep drinking the super-sized pop I’m going to be the size of the Chevy so I try to behave as much as I can.

Besides, I have to leave room for pie.

30 Days

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It’s been said that a good way to start getting into a habit is to just try and connect the dots of the calendar and with this post I’ve connected thirty of ‘em by blogging here every day.

It’s not been an easy trip. I have almost forgotten to write for the day and some days when I did they have been far from stellar.

But at this early start, it doesn’t really matter all that much because very few are reading anyway. And that’s a good thing because it allows me to create the habit to write without having to worry about any one caring but me and also it allows me to find my voice online.

I have also, being the nerd I am – figured out how I want to write. Some write in Microsoft Word, and others it’s plain text and markdown and I have paid for and tried every app and blogging platform over the years but I have found that what works for me is using Google Docs to write and WordPress to publish.

With these 2 free pieces of software I am able to write almost anywhere on any device.

Heck, the post before this I wrote with my phone while in bed.

I’m writing about my system because I have realized that part of learning to write every day is to find the method that works best for you and makes it easiest to remove the friction. I’ve spent way too long ‘researching’ different apps and even complete different operating systems under the guise of ‘writing’ but I’ve learned this past month that it’s best to just write.

I figure if I keep at it somebody will read this blog

Lastly, it’s a challenge to do this. I read other bloggers who blog every day and one thing I think is: where do they find the time? I’m beginning to realize you have to make the time as the time won’t come to you.

My goal for the next 30 days will be to have more of a schedule for this new task/hobby of mine. My day usually goes like this:





OMG I have to blog!

And I want to change this so it’s more structured in my day. I don’t need a lot of time – these posts aren’t war and peace so surely I could rearrange priorities and find the time so that I’m not trying to keep my eyes open and type at the same time.

At least that’s the hope.