The Man Cave

Two things happened this weekend:

  1. BW went away for the weekend.
  2. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I’m writing this from my new home office I decorated or ‘made over’ this weekend while BW was away.

Over time I’ve slowly been moving BW’s stuff out of her ‘library’ – a little corner in the basement where we kept her books and filing cabinets and all the other crap that never seemed to make it to the ‘real basement’.

When I moved in my desk a week or so ago we both knew it was just a matter of time. We bought some cheap carpet to cover the ugly floor and keep my toes warm but the carpet was still a little hard on the feet now that I am using my desk as a standing desk.

Earlier this week I bought a standing desk floor mat and then this weekend while the boss was away I bought some interlocking foam flooring which added some padding as well.

And then I got to thinking that I should do the entire office in the flooring. But first, BW’s bookcases would need to go.

Books – say hello to the basement.

It really is a library:

I kept things just as they were when the books were upstairs as I made note of what shelf they were on when I emptied the shelves and then put the books back on. The only thing I changed was that no books are on the bottom in case our sump pump decides to die and we don’t notice.

Once those pesky books were out of the way i then had enough room for a recliner which I swiped from the living room and a bit more flooring after a trip back to home depot.

Something was still missing… I know – pictures on the wall. I forgot I had these but they picture frames for albums so now I have some album covers on the wall.

And I have a nice cosy little man cave.

I also spruced up the basement a bit while I was down there and I tossed a bunch of stuff and set up a much brighter light and repurposed our old kitchen table that cannow be be BW’s craft table/my photo table.

I texted BW Saturday night that this is what happens when she leaves me unsupervised. We have found that it’s best if I do stuff like this when she’s not here. Besides, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness…

The Carpet Snake

As I am apt to do, I have given the dog a new name: the carpet snake


Because now that it’s been a few weeks, I am sure that in her little dog brain she is thinking “where has this carpet been all my life?”.

If you’re looking for the dog – check the carpet first. Chances are she will be there.

She slithers from one end of the carpet to the other following the sunshine coming in through the window

Heck, even when we are waiting for the carpet to dry and have it upside down that didn’t stop her. Carpet is carpet after all.

Of course there’s the odd time that the snake gets confused and lies on the bare hard floor but that’s rare. It does happen from time to time though.

Last weekend we took the snake on the road trip to BW’s office and while she cleaned up thd snake still found some carpet to slither on.

You will notice that the snake did not barf on this carpet – because it’s only worth $20.00 tops.

I guess I have come to realize that we did not buy our new carpet for us we bought it for the snake.

Maybe that’s why they call it Carpet

PopCorn Time

BW really likes popcorn. I like it but I find the risk vs the reward of popcorn too high. As somebody that grew up with braces in my prime snacking years I never felt the risk vs the reward was worth it.

But BW likes popcorn and for whatever reason I’m the great popcorn maker which is pretty funny since I really don’t like it that much.

Sunday night though, I caved and BW shared her batch with me. And I was stuffing it in my head while watching our latest series on Netflix I heard a crack.

When you hear teeth crack while eating, it’s never good and this was the case. I broke off part of a back molar. It did not hurt much so I just went to bed and in the morning I called the Dentist.

And the story here is really my Dentist. He’s older and only works Monday to Thursdays and there are only 3 dental assistants and a receptionist. One of the Dental assistants has another job at Target when she isn’t flossing my teeth. It’s just weird.

His office is an old house on the first floor on a big corner of land Downtown. It’s easy to find becauase there’s always an old tractor-trailer in the driveway. They even poured a special pad for this truck.

When you walk in there’s a sign that says “Door is not locked – it’s just stuck. Push Hard”.

Everytime I go I think to myself that they should get that fixed and every time I go.

Most Dentist offices I have been to have big screen TV’s and big X-ray machines and all the technology to make your dental visits a little bit nicer.

Not here. You get a chair and a Dentist that knows what he’s doing. I’m sure he’s still using the same tools from when he graduated dental schools.

When I move here and BW recommended him and I saw the lack of modern tools, the stuck doors and the truck outside I thought: “no way”. But I learned over time that this guy is reallly good.


When I went to get what I thought would be a consult visit for more trips in the future , it turned out I I was wrong. He had a look and then offered me the choice of getting a filling.

I opted for the filling and I bet our insurance covers all/most of the cost. He does not upsell you or refer you to a specialist and x-rays are only taken when needed.

Long story short, I had my broken tooth all fixed up in about 45 minutes and I was done and on my way.

Just no more popcorn for me for a while.

Right On Target

Imagine you are a dog.

And as a dog, you start to feel nauseous and have a need to expel the contents of your stomach. Maybe that pizza slice you found on the road wasn’t such a good idea after all…

In your dog-mind ask yourself where would you go if you had to barf?

Some venues in our house are:

Under the Bed. (hardwood)

Family Room (hardwood)

Kitchen (Tile)

Various crappy floor mats from Target that are meant to be used by dogs and could be easily replaced.



You could barf on our brand new multiple hundred dollars worth of white area carpet. Because…. you’re a dog.

This is my life now

It’s never a good night when BW sends a text and asks you to bring home carpet stain remover. Never.

So with this in my shopping cart I head home and give BW the can to fix the barf situation.

Once there, BW gets to work:

She sprayed and wiped and sprayed and wiped and even dragged out her fancy $400 hair dryer to dry the carpet. And five bucks worth of goop later it seems to be good enough to pass as new(ish).

You know, I have to congratulate myself (or, the zoloft) but there was a time when I would have lost my mind when stuff like this happened. Now.. meh. They have more carpets at Home Depot.

It’s just not worth getting too upset about stuff anymore.

As the saying goes: barf happens.

At Least Something Fits

After yesterday’s fiasco with the bookcase at very least I can share some good news from our recent adventures on craigslist.

While at the dealer shopping for ill fitting furniture, we also found this candle holder thing that we are both not sure if it’s really ugly or we like it.

Here, decide for yourself:

It’s about 2 feet across and although we don’t have them yet there’s four little holders for small candles.

It costs us five bucks, so it was really a no brainer.

We needed something to for the space next to the TV because the TV isn’t centered in the room because we need it to cover the breaker panels behind.

I had suggested a clock but this works well too. And it’s hard to beat the price. Heck, it’s cheaper than paint.

The BookCase

We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

In fact if it comes down to it I guess I’m the one to blame. Because: my idea.

You see, now that I have my own little space in my corner in the basement thanks to my new desk that I have set up as a standing desk (which admittedly I am still getting used to) I thought that all I need now was to get rid of BW’s bookshelves and then I could squeeze a little chair in the corner if I delegated her books to another spot in the basement.

But first we had to figure out what to do with BW’s books and so I went on craigslist and found this mid century modern bookcase. It’s a very nice piece and it wasn’t too expensive considering some of the crap at IKEA.

Also, it was local – 8 minutes away so we buzzed over and bought it.

The lady did not deliver but she said she might have somebody that would deliver it for us for a nominal fee and it all worked out. By about 4pm this bookcase was in our home.

The End, right?


BW and I both thought we knew the perfect spot to put this and it would fill up a little spot in the corner that’s kind of dead space and if we’re not careful it’s a corner where crap just collects like the vacuum that should have been put away and sundry other items.

Before we left to buy this we measured the spot. It’s perfect.

What we didn’t do is measure the stairway, so guess what? It’s 2 inches too tall and won’t go down the stairs.

Oh, Hello Pissed Off Wife.

So just when I thought I was getting stuff done it’s now become my job to figure out how or who to hire to get this thing down there.

Of course the easy way would be to take it apart but because it’s well made and NOT crappy IKEA stuff I have no idea how. Or…I could tempt fate and try and find some professional movers to see if they can’t get it down there because it was oh so close

The guys that delivered this thing could not be more clueless if they tried. I’m FAR from a good mover but you would think it was the first time they ever moved anything, but no major damage done and for the time being this thing is in the living room.

It’s been a day. I have googled how to take apart furniture and how to move big furniture with little luck. We need to find somebody that knows how to disassemble this thing or knows how to get it down there because it can’t stay in the living room forever.

I have marching orders from BW that I must stop all other projects until I get this problem solved.

I guess it will be a while before I get my new chair in my office after all.

Stay tuned… there will be more for before this story ends.

The First Episode

We have a tradition here.

When we start to watch a new movie on Netflix or Amazon or whatever, I always want to quit halfway through and I say “ I dunno BW about this – what else do we have?” and every time BW makes me stick with it and then by the 2nd or sometimes third episode I’m fully hooked and can’t stop watching.

I’ve done this with other projects too. Take this site for example – I have started and then ultimately quit writing here more than once and if I look back I wish I had stuck with it.

I wonder if the fact that my need for the TV show to grab me fully in the first 15 minutes due to my interest in technology and the internet and that stuff moves so fast in these spheres that there’s always something new?

Or maybe that when it comes to the streaming services themselves. There’s just too much stuff and so little time? I’ve yet to make it all the way through breaking bad and there’s so much other stuff to watch on my saved lists that it’s overwhelming. There’s too much choice now.

Add to the fact that these shows are not just one episode – or even just an hour and a half movie – but some are entire series with 18 one hour episodes in the que. We don’t watch every day so a season’s worth can take us upwards of 2 months or longer to slog through.

Maybe that’s why I’m so reluctant to start a new show because with the way we watch now there’s so much time invested in the watching now. Back in the the pre-streaming era it was easier. You were only out a half an hour if you didn’t like it.

As a Canadian sometimes we didn’t have much choice other than CBC so you didn’t ahve much programming to choose from: hockey or hockey. Or even with regular cable, an episode of Happy Days was 30 minutes at most and the commercials mean you even had time to pee or get a snack.

Maybe I’m just being to fussy about my time and what I watch but sometimes it seemed like less choice was easier.

Your Order Has Shipped

Here’s one I haven’t done before. Apparently I ordered some stuff on Amazon while putting my phone back in my pocket.

As almost every human on the planet does these days – the first thing I do is check the phone. Usually, it’s the stupid alarm going off and maybe some eBay auctions ending I have been watching.

But this morning it was the little Amazon shopping cart icon in my notification tray. Funny, I thought – I didn’t order anything.

Well, it seems I had. Yesterday afternoon I was wondering how I was going to mount my stupidly large computer monitor to my new $25.00 desk so I was shopping for monitor stands and mounts.

I had the stuff in my shopping cart to see what the total would be. I decided against placing the order and put my phone back in my pocket.

Well, somehow the order got placed and my order is on my way. Great.

It was only $40.00 but that’s not the point. It was also mortgage day and as BW is in charge of the finances I’m always afraid the mortgage payment is going to bounce because I stopped at Starbucks.

Thankfully this month payday and mortgage day happened on the same day and pa day beat mortgage day to the bank so crisis averted.

I was able to cancel the order for half the stuff, but I have a 100×200 VESA Monitor mount coming tomorrow, because: prime.

I know that now I am an American I am supposed to support the economy and work all the time and buy all the things but shopping in your pocket is a new one for me.

I’m just happy I didn’t have an expensive Apple product in my cart that’s now on the way. BW would have killed me.

The $25.00 Desk

I had some time to kill on my phone this morning as I had an early doctor’s appt but I did not start working until 9. So I went for coffee and surfed craigslist. And I found a desk. For $25.00!

It came from a law firm that was closing and I thought for sure it was scam or the price was wrong but it turns out it was indeed just twenty five bucks so I said I will take it.

It’s a cubicle desk, so it comes with those fabric walls, that we so love. I got the last one, so it’s bit of a beater but it works and I managed to get it assembled without a trip to the emerg which is kind of amazing.

As I was putting it together I realized that instead of making it normal height I could make it a standing desk and gave that a try. If I don’t like it, I can always lower the top.

To quote my wife: “This is ridiculous. Put it at a normal height and sit down” .


It’s hard to see in the photos but I have tucked my old desk under this one so if I want to I can just pull the desk out a bit and pull up a chair.

I change my office around on the hour it seems trying to find the correct feng shui but it’s a pretty cheap desk and night’s entertainment getting it all plugged in and running.

Not So Tidy Husband

It’s Tuesday, and that means I only work a few hours in the evening so there’s usually some time on tuesdays for me to clean the house.

BW left for work in a flurry and hurry as is the usual, but on the way out the door she joked that we have to change the blog name to “not so tidy husband” as we both agreed that the house was about a 6 on the richter scale when it comes to crap that needed put away and dog hair that needed swept up.

As I was cleaning up and taking wonder woman upstairs to BW’s office where she rightfully belongs I wondered what happened – how did the house get so bad?. Oh wait, I know – I wasn’t home, I was busy. That explains it.

This doesn’t mean we don’t pick up as we go, and the bed gets made and the dog gets walked but the mail on the kitchen table was piling up so things just needed an hour or so to get sorted out. You know, so I could fix stuff like this:

We like to keep the house about a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the clean side where a 10 is an impossible goal as it looks like an ikea catalog where nobody has dog hair or lamp cords

We will never be a 10. Earlier today we were a six. I fixed that.

The blog name can stay the same for now and it doesn’t look like an earthquake hit and left a trail of old mail and toast crumbs.

For now. Tomorrow’s a whole new day of dog hair.