All Swaddled Up

IMG_20190302_125549Today’s outfit, like most other outfits lately has been hidden as she’s bundled up tighter than a burrito in a Halo swaddle sack. She’s toasty warm and comfortable in this so it was well worth the $20.00 and I need to buy more.

Outfit of the Day


Today’s outfit was a blue little halo sack¬†¬†that she loves as it’s a lot warmer than standard issue fare. The nurses were worried we would care that she’s in blue but we don’t at all.

Her eyes were wide open again today which seems to be happening more and more over time as she grows

Outfit of the day


Today’s outfit is a pink striped onesie. It was a good day at the NICU today as she was wide awake and for the first time used a pacifier.

Oufit of the Day

Today’s color was pink with the words “little love bug” on the front. She’s still awake and eating a bit more, but still not enough to come home to me. Her eyes are still open and she was awake for the 2nd day in a row when I arrived at the NICU so that’s a good thing. i

Outfit of the Day

Today was the first day where we really saw her with her eyes fully open! She was very awake and alert today which is a good sign. Yesterday, I mentioned that she likes to keep her hands in front of her face and it looks like she scratched herself. We have those little mittens but I guess at the NICU they don’t get used much.

As far as actual outfits go it’s the same on as here.

Outfit of the Day

She really likes to sleep with her hands up and around her face. I’m not sure if this is a thing all newborns do but it seems to be her favorite position. I wonder if it’s just that she realized that she has hands and now that she does she’s fascinated with them?

Today’s number was a little mint green onesie with long sleeves. Again, she’s covered so it was hard to see what the complete ensemble was.

Outfit of the Day

It’s still really hard to see what she wears as she’s still in the NICU so in these early days when I don’t dress her there’s still going to be many days when she’s wrapped up in the standard hospital receiving blankets that are so common at the hospitals.

Today she was in a little pink number with the word princess embroidered on it. She’s still sleeping a lot but I hope to have her home in a few weeks when she gets closer to her due date.

Outfit of the Day

Today the little potato was wearing the same outfit as she was here and I hadn’t thought of the fact that would happen but I guess it makes sense as the NICU only has some many clothes and so many babies there at one time so it makes complete sense that you would eventually see the same outfit twice.

She’s growing more and eating more and sleeping very well. I haven’t heard her cry yet which I hope is continued trend but I have a feeling it won’t be forever

Outfit of the Day

Today’s outfit is… actually, I have no idea. When I got to the NICU she was so comfortable and they had her swaddled and tucked in so well it seemed a shame to wake her so I could move her and hold her so I just let her sleep and didn’t inspect what she was wearing today. All I saw was the standard hospital receiving blankets that seem to be so popular

Outfit of the Day

Today’s outfit is a light green onesie with the word precious embroidered on it. She’s 37 weeks and 2 days and still in the NICU. She actually lost a bit of weight (1oz) but it’s such a minimal amount there is no need to worry at this point.